26 Amazing Beaches in Liverpool Near Me

26 Amazing Beaches in Liverpool Near Me

There is only one place you want to go when the sun shines and the temperature rises: the beach. Whether it’s raining or shining, you’ll always have a good time in Liverpool and the surrounding seaside towns. Treat your kids to ice cream, make sandcastles, or take a stroll over the white sands. Many beaches in Liverpool are ideal for a family outing to the sea. Merseyside beaches are some of the best in Liverpool. If you visit the beaches near Liverpool, you will not be disappointed by the rain because it delivers some of the most breathtaking views, including beautiful clouds and sunrises.

26 Amazing Beaches in Liverpool

Nothing beats walking along a sandy beach with a view of the sky full of magnificent colours and rumbling waves. With summer approaching and temperatures rising, we’ve compiled a list of the best beaches in Liverpool that you should visit on your summer vacation.

  • Moreton Beach
  • Blundellsands Beach
  • New Brighton (Wallasey) Beach
  • Formby Beach
  • West Kirby Beach
  • Ainsdale Beach
  • Southport Beach
  • Meols Beach
  • Garston Shore
  • Crosby (Hall Road West) Beach
  • Thurstaston Beach
  • Caldy Beach
  • Hoylake Beach
  • Leasowe Beach
  • Hilbre Islands
  • Oglet Beach
  • St Anne’s Beach
  • Lytham Beach
  • Morecambe Bay
  • Rossall Beach
  • Blackpool
  • Newborough Beach
  • Rhosneigr Beach
  • Llandudno
  • Abersoch
  • Prestatyn

1. Moreton Beach

Address: Leasowe Gardens, Wirral, Merseyside, CH46 3SY

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 9.3 miles

At high tide, the beaches near Liverpool are mostly shingle, but when the tide goes out, a vast expanse of soft sand is uncovered. Anyone waiting on the sandbanks must keep a watchful eye on the tides, which can come in very quickly.

During the summer, this beach is highly popular with bathers. RNLI lifeguards patrol the beach during peak hours. Horseback riding and sand buggery are also popular activities in this area.

2. Blundellsands Beach

Address: Kings Parade, New Brighton, Merseyside CH45 3QW

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 6.5 miles

This vast open seashore area is located just north of Crosby, one of the most affluent areas in Merseyside county. The beach at BlundellSands is partially backed by a pier and then by dunes to the north.

The life-size cast-iron figures of several blokes right outside the tidal line are most well-known about Blundell Sands. Another Place is Antony Gormley’s permanent art display. There is no disputing the authority of these figures as they are partially submerged by the tide, especially with the sun’s setting.

3. New Brighton (Wallasey) Beach

Address: Kings Parade, New Brighton, Merseyside CH45 3QW

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 6.5 miles

New Brighton Beach is a 3/4 mile strip of golden sand in the northwestern tip of the Wirral peninsula. During the summer, it is a popular tourist destination for day visits. From the shore, you enjoy a fantastic view of Liverpool’s metropolitan skyline. The beaches near Liverpool are a great site to watch ships making their way to the Irish Sea from the Mersey Estuary.

Beyond the marine lake, the Perch Rock Fort, previously part of the maritime defence system, is a Grade II nineteenth-century structure. The Aviation and Archeology Museum presently houses a lot of fascinating artefacts, as well as a section titled ” Luftwaffe over Merseyside.” The picturesque lighthouse of Perch Rock is located far away from the fort.

4. Formby Beach

Address: Victoria Rd, Formby, Liverpool L37 1LJ

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 14.4 miles

Formby beach has a long expanse of sand with gently sloping dunes that give it a more urban feel than its neighbours. In addition to the dunes, red squirrels can be seen in the inland pinewoods. Given its location between Liverpool and Southport Formby Beach, it is surprising that it has retained much of its fauna.

One can only hope that this will continue for a long time, given the National Trust now owns this stretch of coast.

5. West Kirby Beach

Address: West Kirby, Wirral CH48 0QG

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 12 miles

If you’re seeking beaches near Liverpool, look no further! West Kirby is a safe and easily accessible sandy beach on the Wirral Peninsula near the mouth of the Dee River. It offers stunning views of the Dee Estuary and the North Wales hills. With a length of about 300 metres, the beach is quite little.

West Kirby Marine Lake, located next to the beach, is a large shallow water area designed for water activities in a safe and protected environment. The Wirral Sailing School offers sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing lessons on the lake.

6. Ainsdale Beach

Address: Ainsdale, Southport PR8

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 16.1 miles

Ainsdale Beach is part of this long, broad sandy strip between Southport and Formby. Ainsdale Beach, often regarded as the nicest in the region, is the only beach in the north-western section of England to have ever gained a Blue Flag.

Today, the beach has gained a quality coastal certificate, ensuring clean water and a wide range of attractions. Ainsdale Beach is a haven for intense kiteboarding. While kitesurfing on the sea, the beach includes places for kite buggy and land board use.

7. Southport Beach

Address: Southport PR8 1SB

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 19.5 miles

Although most people believe that Southport’s glory days were in the Victorian era, this traditional resort is still one of the most successful in the United Kingdom. Much growth was attributable to the numerous annual events that draw enormous audiences here.

However, the city’s huge swath of sandy beaches in Liverpool is still the reason why people return, and life revolves around the water. In the summer, the beach is ideal for conventional British seaside activities. Building sandcastles, flying kites, and swimming in the shallow waters are popular activities.

8. Meols Beach

Address: Meols, Wirral CH47 7AU

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 10.3 miles

Meols lies on the Wirral peninsula, between Hoylake and Wallasey, close off the A553. This is one of the beaches in Liverpool that transforms into a vast stretch of soft sand and floodplains during low tide. Sand Buggying and horseback riding are popular activities here, and it might be an excellent place to see birds in the winter.

Views of Liverpool Bay can be had from the shore, and the beach has some beautiful sunsets. The North Wirral Coastal Park stretches over four miles, from Meols Dove Point to New Brighton King’s Parade.

9. Garston Shore

Address: Garston Shore Road, Speke, Liverpool, L24 8AA

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 8.0 mi

Garston Shore, a pleasant town that imitates the apocalypse, is littered with the smelly, rolling hulks of warships that appear like they were pummeled from remote nuclear mayhem across the horizon even on a good day.

They are now crumbling and forgotten, tarnished white with muddy stains. If you dare, come here!

10. Crosby (Hall Road West) Beach

Address: Liverpool L23 6SX

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 6.8 miles

Crosby Beach, located at the start of the 22-mile-long ‘Sefton Coastal Path,’ is only a twenty-minute drive from Liverpool City Centre.

The beach vista is distinguished by a variety of man-made and natural characteristics.

Burbo Bank offshore wind farm, Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ installation, and notoriously beautiful sunsets are among them.

Due to the beach’s regularity and variable tides, this is a no-bathing beach!

11. Thurstaston Beach

Address: Wirral Country Park Visitor Centre, Station Road, Thurstaston, Wirral CH61 0HN

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 10.5 miles

Thurstaston, lovely beaches near Liverpool, is located on the outskirts of Wirral Country Park. Because of its twisting routes and proximity to the park, it’s a favourite among keen hikers and bikers, with superb views of both the shoreline and the city skyline available from nearby Thurstaston Common – on clear days, you can even see Blackpool Tower. When it comes to seaside walks in Liverpool, this gorgeous location is among the best.

12. Caldy Beach

Address: Birkenhead, Wirral CH48 2JL

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 11.4 miles

Modest seaside beaches in Liverpool West Kirby neighbourhood is accessible through a safe, gated walkway and offers stunning views of the Dee Estuary.

Caldy Beach is a favourite nighttime strolling destination for locals because it is a much quieter alternative to some of the larger, busier areas!

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13. Hoylake Beach

Address: Hoylake CH48 2NG

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 10.6 miles

Hoylake Beach is well-known as a local hangout, with a mix of sandy and grassy terrain.

With a diverse range of birds and other creatures, this location has been classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, implying that it is well worth a visit!

Hoylake Beach is around a half-hour drive from Liverpool City Centre due to its proximity to the Wirral.

14. Leasowe Beach

Address: Wallasey, Wirral CH46 2RH

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 7.3 miles

Leasowe Beach is an up-and-coming site for surfers and windsurfers if you’re looking for a smaller, more private choice for watersports.

If you don’t want to get in the ocean, this hidden gem with sand dunes and a promenade is a great place to go for a walk!

If you have a canine companion, Leasowe Beach is a local favourite for dog-walking because it is dog-friendly all year and the sand dunes provide the ideal play space!

15. Hilbre Islands

Address: West Kirby, Wirral CH48 8BW

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 11.8 miles

The Hilbre Islands, accessible at low tide via West Kirby Beach, are a beautiful group of little islands home to a plethora of wildlife.

After a two-mile calm stroll from the mainland, you may enjoy a spectacular sunset, observe some beautiful endangered birds, and even meet grey seals during the summer months!

This is a totally memorable beach experience that I would strongly recommend visiting West Kirby Beach or the surrounding area.

16. Oglet Beach

Address: Dungeon Lane, Hale, Liverpool, L24 5RH

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 9.7 miles

This beach is famous for being a favourite haunt of the Beatles!

Oglet Beach, with its excellent bike routes and play areas, is as enjoyable for adults as it is for children.

However, the diverse species call this beach home makes it truly memorable for locals.

The beach’s shingle texture, rather than sandy, makes it perfect for rock gathering.

17. St Anne’s Beach

Address: Beach Rd, Lytham St Annes FY8 2PQ

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 51.3 miles

St Anne’s is a little further afield, around an hour along the coast from Liverpool, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

This Victorian seaside town is alive and well all year, and its beach is just one of its many lovely attractions!

St Annes has something for everyone, with a large natural beach, a busy promenade, and magnificent beachfront gardens.

18. Lytham Beach

Address: Beach Rd, Lytham St Annes FY8 2PQ

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 51.3 miles

Lytham, just a few minutes drive from St Anne’s Beach, is another vibrant seaside town with gorgeous sand dunes and the finest fish and chips I’ve ever had.

Isn’t that reason enough to pay a visit?

If you enjoy a seaside stroll, the promenade extends from St Anne’s Beach, so you could potentially walk between the two.

19. Morecambe Bay

Address: Morecambe, Lancaster, Lancashire LA4 4EP

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 64 miles

Morecambe Bay has it all: a stunning stretch of coastline surrounded by gorgeous, art-deco architecture.

The area’s rich history means there’s plenty to discover and the birds and seals that reside here make it a popular destination for wildlife lovers.

If you prefer something more daring, the bay is a popular location for activities such as powered paragliding, parachuting, and sailing.

Morecambe Bay is undoubtedly one of the greatest beaches near Liverpool, with a plethora of excellent hikes along the coastal pathways in the vicinity.

20. Rossall Beach

Address: Rossall Beach, Cleveleys, Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 2LY

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 57.5 miles

Rossall Beach, with its natural shingle and sand beach, is a lovely length of coastline that is equally appropriate to brisk winter walks as it is to summer sun.

This location is busy all year, whether it’s for dog walking, horseback riding, or simply swimming in the bay’s gorgeous waters.

21. Blackpool

Address: 525 Ocean Blvd, Blackpool FY4 1EZ

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 55 miles

If we’re talking about nostalgia, Blackpool Beach is the most traditional British coastal resort.

This location features many listed structures, including three piers and a historical promenade.

In addition to sunbathing and swimming, the beach and piers have a tea cafe and ice cream parlour, as well as a slew of fairground rides, including my personal favourite, a gorgeous Venetian Carousel.

Other well-known attractions within walking distance of the beach are Blackpool Tower, Sea Life Blackpool, Madame Tussauds, Sandcastle Waterpark and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

22. Newborough Beach

Address: Newborough, Anglesey LL61 6SG

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 84 miles

North Wales boasts some amazing beaches and coastal places if you want to venture a bit farther out.

Newborough Beach, about a two-hour drive from Liverpool, is a magnificent expanse of golden sand with beautiful sand dunes.

This beach, which borders Newborough Forest, is home to various species, including the rare red squirrel!

This beach’s location makes it ideal for kitesurfing, but its large network of roads also makes it ideal for cycling or horseback riding.

If you prefer to relax and take in the scenery, you can see the lovely outline of Snowdonia National Park from the beach.

One of the nicest beaches in Liverpool? I believe so!

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23. Rhosneigr Beach

Address: Traeth Crigyll, Beach Rd, Rhosneigr LL64 5QB

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 89.3 miles

Rhosneigr Beach, located under two hours from Liverpool, is another North Wales gem.

Sand dunes and rocky outcrops occupy Rhosneigr’s stunning environment, and it’s another excellent location for watersports such as surfing, kite-surfing, and paddle-boarding.

If you’re feeling daring, the stunning rocks and coastline make this one of the greatest beaches near Liverpool for snorkelling!

Aviation enthusiasts will like this beach, which is adjacent to RAF Valley and is ideal for spotting military aircraft taking off and landing.

24. Llandudno

Address: The Parade Parking, Promenade, Llandudno LL30 2LE

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 55.1 miles

Some of the nostalgic attractions available at Llandudno, one of Wales’ most popular beaches, include Punch and Judy shows and a vintage pool area.

This award-winning location, about an hour and a quarter from Liverpool, is a summertime sanctuary for vacationers.

However, its Victorian promenade and pier make for a lovely visit all year.

The famed bandstand on the beach has live music performances, and transportation options for visiting the area range from boat tours to a vintage Land Train.

If you want to experience a true throwback, you can even go on donkey rides!

25. Abersoch

Address: Abersoch Riding Centre, Golf Rd, Abersoch, Pwllheli LL53 7EY

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 104.7 miles

Abersoch Beach, formerly a fishing port, is today famous for its stunning vistas and sheltered setting, which make for ideal swimming and sunbathing conditions!

International sailing competitions can also be observed from this beach by sailing enthusiasts.

Wind-surfing and jet skiing are also accessible for individuals who like to participate themselves.

Abersoch is a lively, bustling beach resort about two and a half hours from Liverpool, with favourable conditions and views of Snowdonia National Park.

26. Prestatyn

Address: Nant Hall Rd, Prestatyn LL19 9LN

Distance from Liverpool City Centre: 39.7 miles

Prestatyn Beach is a sandy beach with coastal barriers that provides excellent conditions for water sports and a nice open promenade for walking and cycling.

This path truly connects the North Wales Cycle Trail and the North Wales Coastal Path.

It’s one of the best beaches in Liverpool for outdoorsy or active beachgoers, and it’s about an hour’s drive from the city.

Amusement arcades and crazy golf are just a few in-land activities available.

In addition, a large expanse of sand dunes provides breathtaking vistas.


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