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弊社の商品は試験の範囲を広くカバーすることが他のサイトがなかなか及ばならないです。それほかに品質はもっと高くてSalesforceのB2B-Solution-Architect認定試験「Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam」の受験生が最良の選択であり、成功の最高の保障でございます。

Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect認定は世界的に認識されており、雇用主によって高く評価されています。 Salesforce Technologiesを使用してB2Bソリューションの設計と実装に関する候補者の専門知識を実証し、専門能力開発へのコミットメントの証です。この認定は、競争の激しいテクノロジー業界でのキャリアを促進したい個人の重要な差別化要因でもあります。

Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect 認定を取得することは、ソリューションアーキテクトまたはコンサルタントとしてのキャリアを進める上で重要な成果です。この認定は、Salesforce プラットフォーム上で B2B ソリューションの設計と実装における専門知識を証明し、あなたを組織にとってより価値のある資産にすることができます。B2B アーキテクチャとデザインのスキルと知識を検証したい場合は、Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect 資格試験は優れた方法です。

>> B2B-Solution-Architect無料試験 <<

Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect認定試験の資格を入手したいのか

ほとんどの時間インターネットにアクセスできない場合、どこかに行く必要がある場合はオフライン状態ですが、B2B-Solution-Architect試験のために学習したい場合。心配しないでください、私たちの製品はあなたの問題を解決するのに役立ちます。最新のB2B-Solution-Architect試験トレントは、能力を強化し、試験に合格し、認定を取得するのに非常に役立つと確信しています。嫌がらせから抜け出すために、B2B-Solution-Architect学習教材は高品質で高い合格率を備えています。だから、今すぐ行動しましょう! B2B-Solution-Architectクイズ準備を使用してください。

Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam 認定 B2B-Solution-Architect 試験問題 (Q33-Q38):

質問 # 33
Recently. Universal Containers (UC) successfully launched a multi-cloud 62B implementation with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and B2B Commerce. As the Sales and Service Cloud development was performed by separate teams, UC created Process Builder automation for the Account object m separate Process Builder processes. As customers 90 through the sales process within Sales Cloud, the data on their customer account record is updated. As those same customers make purchases within B2B Commerce, the data on their customer account record is updated as well.
What are two reasons why a Solution Architect should recommend uniting these into a single Process Builder process?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Moving one of the Process Builders into a flow will remove all automation conflicts on the Account object.
  • B. Moving them into a single Process Builder process helps to reduce the number of queries and avoid hitting limits on the Account object.
  • C. Moving them into a single Process Builder is the only way to ensure a naming convention is followed on the Account object.
  • D. Moving them into a single Process Builder process provides control over the order of the updates and actions triggered on the Account object.


質問 # 34
During a B2B multi-cloud implementation, an executive sponsor from Universal Containers (UC) approaches the Solution Architect to discuss ongoing support and new functionality that will be rolled out to support UC. The current implementation supports Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud.
Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to ensure features are enabled without impacting user efficiency?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Fully document all customizations added to the system.
  • B. Ensure development, training, and production environments are in place.
  • C. Give users the ability to opt-out of any new feature they dislike.
  • D. Give users a way to raise support tickets for new features they do not understand.
  • E. Communicate and train users on new features.


質問 # 35
Northern Trail Health has clients that have more than 10,000 employees. The company’s Customer Service team handles requests from its client’s employees directly and tracks various rebate programs per employee.
Private information should not be shared with the Sales team and they should only see contacts that are relevant to the sales process.
Assuming that Sales and Service teams share certain contacts, in which two ways should a Solution Architect ensure optimal performance?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use profiles and/or permission sets to give View All access to Customer Service on the Contact object.
  • B. Assign all contacts to Sales team members to ensure sharing is streamlined and hide private fields from them.
  • C. For each Account, assign Sales Contacts to the Sales teamand all the rest to a Customer Service representative assigned to the Account.
  • D. Set the Contact object to Public Read Only so that the sharing rules do not bog down performance for sharing.


質問 # 36
Universal Containers (UC) has implemented a new ecommerce site for its resellers. UC is leveraging a multi-cloud architecture, B2B Commerce, for building the storefront and Service Cloud Web2Case for offering case management functionality to its resellers. UC notices that the case volume is extremely high and a number of resellers are raising cases for trivial issues on the B2B Commerce site.
Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make to help resellers use the site more efficiently and lower the casevolume?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Disable anonymous users on the site.
  • B. Implement Case Deflection.
  • C. Offload the number of cases received via Web2Case by using Email2Case.
  • D. Plan and conduct User Adoption Trainings for resellers on howto use the site.


質問 # 37
Universal Containers (UC) wants to add and integrate Marketing Cloud Account Engagement after a recent acquisition. The integration into the global architecture will be as follows:
* Marketing Cloud Account Engagement will be used for lead nurturing with Engagement Studio.
* Marketing Cloud Account Engagement forms will be set up in a website.
* Sales Cloud will manage leads created by Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.
UC wants to facilitate adoption by giving sales representatives and marketers enough time to learn about new features on a training platform.
Which approach should a Solution Architect recommend in order to set up an environment in which users can test the functionalities from end to end?

  • A. Create a new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement business unit, synchronize the production unit and the training unit, and link it to a full copy Sales Cloud sandbox.
  • B. Create Marketing Cloud Account Engagement training environments, synchronize the environments, and link it to a full copy Sales Cloud sandbox.
  • C. Create a new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement business unit, recreate the configuration, and link it to a full copy Sales Cloud sandbox.
  • D. Create a new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement business unit, recreate the configuration, and link it to the production Sales Cloud org.


質問 # 38

この分野には多くの専門家や教授がいます。すべての人々の要求を満たすために、当社のこれらの優秀な専門家および教授は昼夜を問わず働いています。彼らはすべての人々のために当社から最高のB2B-Solution-Architect認定トレーニング教材を設計するために最善を尽くしました。学習資料により、すべての人がより効率的な方法でB2B-Solution-Architect試験の準備をすることができます。 B2B-Solution-Architect学習教材がすべての人々に適し、学生、労働者、主婦などすべての人々の要求を満たすことを保証できます。

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