AZ-140 Relevant Answers & AZ-140 Real Dumps Free

AZ-140 Relevant Answers & AZ-140 Real Dumps Free

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Advantages of earning Microsoft AZ-140 certification

Microsoft AZ-140 certification is the first step to getting your career started in the IT field. This test verifies that you have the skills necessary to configure and operate Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. To get this certification, you need only to pass one exam. The exam content itself covers a variety of topics, such as how to perform basic Azure administration tasks, how to set up and manage virtual machines, and how to manage identities in Azure. The Microsoft AZ-140 is designed for those who are new to the technology world. Microsoft AZ-140 Dumps can help you to get a great career in a very short time. Since it’s a Level One certification, you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge and get your foot in the door. After passing this exam, you’ll be eligible for the MCSA: Cloud Platform certification, which allows you to take on more complex challenges in a cloud environment. You can also pursue additional certifications in areas such as security, networking, and development. Reliable networks query solution guides attach question pools. Profile images connectivity timeout situation save months.

The AZ-140 exam is an important certification for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in Azure Virtual Desktop. The certification is recognized globally and is a valuable addition to a candidate’s resume. The exam is also an excellent opportunity for IT professionals to advance their careers and take on more challenging roles in the field of cloud computing.

The Microsoft AZ-140 exam comprises various topics, including deploying virtual desktops, managing user sessions, configuring virtual networking, and monitoring virtual desktop environments. Candidates appearing for this exam must have a thorough understanding of Azure Active Directory, Windows Virtual Desktop, and other related services. They should also have experience in configuring Azure infrastructure, managing virtual machines, and implementing Azure security and governance policies.

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Microsoft Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Sample Questions (Q161-Q166):

You have a Azure Virtual Desktop deployment that contains multiple host pools.
You need to create a PowerShell script to sign users out of a specific session host before you perform a maintenance task.
Which PowerShell module should you load in the script?

  • A. Az.Maintenance
  • B. Az.Automation
  • C. Az.COMputC
  • D. Az.DektopVirtualization

Answer: D


You have a Windows Virtual Desktop host pool named Pool1 and an Azure Automation account named account1. Pool1 is integrated with an Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) managed domain named contoso.com.
You plan to configure scaling for Pool1 by using Azure Automation runbooks.
You need to authorize the runbooks to manage the scaling of Pool1. The solution must minimize administrative effort.
What should you configure?

  • A. a managed identity in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • B. a group Managed Service Account (gMSA) in Azure AD DS
  • C. a Run As account in Azure Automation
  • D. a Connections shared resource in Azure Automation

Answer: C


You need to deploy the session hosts to meet the deployment requirements Which PowerShell cmdlel should you run first?

  • A. Set-AzWMADDomainExtension
  • B. Update-AZwvdSessionHost
  • C. New-AzwvdRegistratrationinfo
  • D. Get-AzApiManagementSsoToken

Answer: D

You deploy multiple Windows Virtual Desktop session hosts that have only private IP addresses.
You need to ensure that administrators can initiate an RDP session to the session hosts by using the Azure portal.
What should you implement?

  • A. Azure Application Gateway
  • B. Azure Bastion
  • C. Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host)
  • D. Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker)

Answer: C

Manage User Environments and Apps
Testlet 2
Case study
This is a case study. Case studies are not timed separately. You can use as much exam time as you would like to complete each case. However, there may be additional case studies and sections on this exam. You must manage your time to ensure that you are able to complete all questions included on this exam in the time provided.
To answer the questions included in a case study, you will need to reference information that is provided in the case study. Case studies might contain exhibits and other resources that provide more information about the scenario that is described in the case study. Each question is independent of the other questions in this case study.
At the end of this case study, a review screen will appear. This screen allows you to review your answers and to make changes before you move to the next section of the exam. After you begin a new section, you cannot return to this section.
To start the case study
To display the first question in this case study, click the Next button. Use the buttons in the left pane to explore the content of the case study before you answer the questions. Clicking these buttons displays information such as business requirements, existing environment, and problem statements. If the case study has an All Information tab, note that the information displayed is identical to the information displayed on the subsequent tabs. When you are ready to answer a question, click the Question button to return to the question.
Litware, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that has a main office in Boston, United States, and a remote office in Chennai, India.
Existing Environment. Identity Environment
The network contains an on-premises Active Directory domain named litware.com that syncs to an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named litware.com.
The Azure AD tenant contains the users shown in the following table.

All users are registered for Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
Existing Environment. Cloud Services
Litware has a Microsoft 365 E5 subscription associated to the Azure AD tenant. All users are assigned Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 licenses.
Litware has an Azure subscription associated to the Azure AD tenant. The subscription contains the resources shown in the following table.

Litware uses custom virtual machine images and custom scripts to automatically provision Azure virtual machines and join the virtual machines to the on-premises Active Directory domain.
Network and DNS
The offices connect to each other by using a WAN link. Each office connects directly to the internet.
All DNS queries for internet hosts are resolved by using DNS servers in the Boston office, which point to root servers on the internet. The Chennai office has caching-only DNS servers that forward queries to the DNS servers in the Boston office.
Requirements. Planned Changes
Litware plans to implement the following changes:
* Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop environments to the East US Azure region for the users in the Boston office and to the South India Azure region for the users in the Chennai office.
* Implement FSLogix profile containers.
* Optimize the custom virtual machine images for the Windows Virtual Desktop session hosts.
* Use PowerShell to automate the addition of virtual machines to the Windows Virtual Desktop host pools.
Requirements. Performance Requirements
Litware identifies the following performance requirements:
* Minimize network latency of the Windows Virtual Desktop connections from the Boston and Chennai offices.
* Minimize latency of the Windows Virtual Desktop host authentication in each Azure region.
* Minimize how long it takes to sign in to the Windows Virtual Desktop session hosts.
Requirements. Authentication Requirements
Litware identifies the following authentication requirements:
* Enforce Azure MFA when accessing Windows Virtual Desktop apps.
* Force users to reauthenticate if their Windows Virtual Desktop session lasts more than eight hours.
Requirements. Security Requirements
Litware identifies the following security requirements:
* Explicitly allow traffic between the Windows Virtual Desktop session hosts and Microsoft 365.
* Explicitly allow traffic between the Windows Virtual Desktop session hosts and the Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure.
* Use built-in groups for delegation.
* Delegate the management of app groups to CloudAdmin1, including the ability to publish app groups to users and user groups.
* Grant Admin1 permissions to manage workspaces, including listing which apps are assigned to the app groups.
* Minimize administrative effort to manage network security.
* Use the principle of least privilege.
Requirements. Deployment Requirements
Litware identifies the following deployment requirements:
* Use PowerShell to generate the token used to add the virtual machines as session hosts to a Windows Virtual Desktop host pool.
* Minimize how long it takes to provision the Windows Virtual Desktop session hosts based on the custom virtual machine images.
* Whenever possible, preinstall agents and apps in the custom virtual machine images.

You have an Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment that contains a workspace named Workspace1 and a user named User1. Workspace1 contains a Desktop application group named Pool1Desktop.
At 09:00, you create a conditional access policy that has the following settings:
– Users and groups: User1
– Cloud apps or actions: Azure Virtual Desktop
– Conditions: 0 conditions selected
Access controls
– Grant: Grant access, Require multi-factor authentication
– Sessions: Sign-in frequency 1 hour
User1 performs the actions shown in the following table.

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.





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