Authoritative GB0-342 Test Study Guide Provide Prefect Assistance in GB0-342 Preparation

Authoritative GB0-342 Test Study Guide Provide Prefect Assistance in GB0-342 Preparation

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To pass the H3C GB0-342 exam, candidates must demonstrate a thorough understanding of wireless networking concepts and technologies, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge in real-world situations. The exam is divided into different sections, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of wireless networking. Candidates must also demonstrate their proficiency in using various tools and technologies used in wireless networking, including WLAN controllers, access points, and network analyzers. Overall, the H3C GB0-342 exam is a challenging but rewarding certification exam that can help IT professionals advance their careers in the field of wireless networking.

The H3C GB0-342 (H3CSE-WLAN) Certification Exam is a challenging exam that requires candidates to demonstrate their expertise in WLAN technologies. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and simulations that test candidates’ ability to design, deploy, and troubleshoot WLAN solutions. Candidates who pass the exam will receive the H3CSE-WLAN certification, which is recognized by IT employers worldwide and can help advance their careers in the IT industry.

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Updated H3C GB0-342 Dumps [2023] – Tips For Better Preparation

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The H3C GB0-342: H3CSE-WLAN exam is an excellent opportunity for individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in wireless networking. This certification exam is recognized globally and is highly valued by employers in the networking industry. Candidates who pass the exam demonstrate a high level of proficiency in wireless networking and are considered experts in the field.

H3CSE-WLAN Sample Questions (Q270-Q275):

以下哪些帧属于 802.11 MAC 层管理帧

  • A. Probe Request/Response
  • B. Beacon
  • C. Authentication Request/Response
  • D. Association Request/Response
  • E. Data
  • F. RTS 、 CTS 、 ACK

Answer: A,B,C,D

以下关于 AP 设备接地规范说法正确的是

  • A. 加套 PVC 管的地线固定原则与射频走线相同。加装线槽时,线槽固定间距为 0.3 米。地线曲率半径应大于 130mm 。
  • B. 室内 AP 应接地,室外 AP 、天馈防雷器、 PoE 模块必须接地,接地电阻小于 5 欧姆,接地线严禁超过 30 米。
  • C. 接地端子与地排的接触部分应平整、紧固,无锈蚀、氧化,不同材料连接时应涂凡士林或者黄油防锈。
  • D. 多股地线(一般不使用单芯)与地排连接时,必须加装接地端子(铜鼻),接地端子尺寸应与线径吻合,压(焊)接牢固。

Answer: A,B,C,D

以下属于终结者分体直通模式的 AP 是

  • A. WTU430
  • B. WTU430H
  • C. WTU430H-IOT
  • D. WTU420H

Answer: A,B,C

以下对 H3C 无线 AP 系列产品描述正确的有:

  • A. WA 5320 支持 802.11ac 协议,且能支持 MU-MIMO 技术,在 AP–STA 方向支持多终端并发通信
  • B. WA4320 支持 802.11ac 和 802.11n 两种协议,且有两块射频卡,仅有 5G 射频卡支持 802.11ac
  • C. WA 5320 支持 802.11ac 协议,且能支持 MU-MIMO 技术,在 STA-AP 方向支持多终端并发通信
  • D. WA4320 支持 802.11ac 和 802.11n 两种协议,且有两块射频卡, 2.4G 射频卡支持 802.11ac

Answer: A,B

无线 AP 的空口利用率反映了 AP 所处空口介质的忙闲程度,下面关于空口利用率说法正确的是()

  • A. 关闭 rrm 低速率支持时,有利于降低 AP 的空口利用率;
  • B. 某 AP 下面没有关联无线用户.则该 AP 空口利用率为 0 ;
  • C. AP 空口利用率高低和 Beacon Stuck 是我们判断无线环境好坏的重要参考因素;
  • D. AP 下挂无线业务流品大时,会导致空口利用率升高;

Answer: A,C,D


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