Authoritative DVA-C01 Braindumps & Leading Provider in Qualification Exams & Realistic DVA-C01 Exam Questions And Answers

Authoritative DVA-C01 Braindumps & Leading Provider in Qualification Exams & Realistic DVA-C01 Exam Questions And Answers

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Our DVA-C01 AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam exam questions are being offered in three easy-to-use and compatible formats. This DVA-C01 exam dumps formats offer a user-friendly interface and are compatible with all devices, operating systems, and browsers. The PassTorrent DVA-C01 AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam PDF questions file contains real and valid Amazon DVA-C01 exam questions that assist you in DVA-C01 exam dumps preparation and boost the candidate’s confidence to pass the challenging DVA-C01 AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam exam easily.

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam consists of multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. The exam duration is 130 minutes, and the passing score is 720 out of 1000. The exam fee is $150, and the certification is valid for three years. Candidates can take the exam at a testing center or online, depending on their preference and availability.

The Amazon DVA-C01 certification exam is a valuable credential for developers who want to demonstrate their expertise in developing and deploying cloud-based applications using AWS services. This certification validates their skills and knowledge in various AWS core services, security, database, and deployment. Moreover, it enhances their career prospects and opens up new opportunities for higher-paying jobs.

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DVA-C01 Exam Questions And Answers | Certification DVA-C01 Exam Cost

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Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Sample Questions (Q574-Q579):

A developer creates an Amazon S3 bucket to store project status files that are uploaded hourly. The developer also creates an AWS Lambda function that will be used to process the project status files What should the developer do to invoke the function with the LEAST amount of AWS infrastructure’?

  • A. Create an Amazon EventBridge (Amazon CloudWatch Events) rule to invoke the function every 5 minutes and scan for new objects
  • B. Create an S3 event notification that adds a message to an Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queue Configure the function to poll the queue
  • C. Create an S3 event notification that publishes a message to an Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topic Subscribe the function to the SNS topic.
  • D. Create an S3 event notification to invoke the function when a new object is created in the S3 bucket

Answer: D

You run an ad-supported photo sharing website using S3 to serve photos to visitors of your site. At some point you find out that other sites have been linking to the photos on your site, causing loss to your business.
What is an effective method to mitigate this?

  • A. Remove public read access and use signed URLs with expiry dates.
  • B. Block the IPs of the offending websites in Security Groups.
  • C. Use CloudFront distributions for static content.
  • D. Store photos on an EBS volume of the web server

Answer: A


You attempt to store an object in the US-STANDARD region in Amazon S3, and receive a confirmation that it has been successfully stored. You then immediately make another API call and attempt to read this object. S3 tells you that the object does not exist What could explain this behavior?

  • A. US-STANDARD uses eventual consistency and it can take time for an object to be readable in a bucket
  • B. You exceeded the bucket object limit, and once this limit is raised the object will be visible.
  • C. US-STANDARD imposes a 1 second delay before new objects are readable.
  • D. Objects in Amazon S3 do not become visible until they are replicated to a second region.

Answer: A


A Developer is writing a REST service that will add items to a shopping list. The service is built on Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda integrations. The shopping list items are send as query string parameters in the method request.
How should the Developer convert the query string parameters to arguments for the Lambda function?

  • A. Enable request validation
  • B. Create a mapping template
  • C. Change the integration type
  • D. Include the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Lambda function

Answer: C


A company has implemented AWS CodeDeploy as part of its cloud native CI/CD stack The company enables automatic rollbacks while deploying a new version of a popular web application from in place to Amazon EC2.
What occurs it the deployment of the new version fails due to code regression?

  • A. AWS CodePipeline promotes the most recent deployment with a SUCCEEDED status to production
  • B. CodeDeploy switches the Amazon Route 53 alias records back to the known good green deployment and terminates the failed blue deployment
  • C. A new deployment of the last known good version of the application is deployed with a new deployment ID
  • D. The last known good deployment is automatically restored using the snapshot stored in Amazon S3

Answer: B


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