Antique Cut Color Butterfly Lab Diamond

Antique Cut Color Butterfly Lab Diamond

First time ever in the lab-grown diamond industry any firm has achieved to produce six different colors of antique butterfly shape diamonds, and the fact is even natural diamonds don’t have butterfly shape diamonds in all colors. We’re pleased to create these one-of-a-kind cut butterfly diamonds with rainbow-colored designs. Keep an eye out for more creativity and excellence from Ouros Jewels.

Colored lab-grown diamonds with butterfly forms are quite rare. Our butterfly diamond has the excellent clarity and vivid hues that you desire. We can’t say no to your requests, believe us. We take it on as a responsibility to give you perfect and antique creations on time.

1. Pink Butterfly Lab Diamond

The Pink Butterfly diamond represents unconditional love and thoughts that cannot be conveyed in words. It is ideal for every pair that has fallen in love anywhere on this planet. Pink color signifies love and passion, which you can express to your life partner with the help of this pink butterfly.

The benefits of buying pink butterfly diamond jewelry reflect not just in the wearer, but also in the giver. The pink-colored diamond is a reminder of love and kindness – something that humans are losing sight of as time goes on. In a world where people are angry and unkind, the pink butterfly diamond provides a gentle reminder to be loving and compassionate.

2. Blue Butterfly Lab Diamond

The color blue reflects the ocean, and we all know how deep the ocean is. The blue butterfly diamond represents an eternal and profound love connection between the bride and groom, two souls that became one after their wedding. We diligently put our experience and excellent workmanship into the blue butterfly shape diamond, which upheld the standards to demonstrate your deep affection.

The benefit of wearing a blue butterfly-shaped diamond is that it will provide loyal support from the valentine or fiancee. If you want to give her a surprise present, don’t tell her you’re purchasing blue diamond jewelry – simply present it to her at your knee. When someone wears blue-colored diamond jewelry or clothes, the wearer becomes more protective of their love relationship.

3. Yellow Butterfly Lab Diamond

An authorized laboratory certified the yellow butterfly shape diamond. So, verified, authenticated, eco-friendly, price-keeper, royal quality ratings and distinctive and optimal beauty are the advantages of yellow-colored butterfly diamonds. Overall, a one-of-a-kind diamond that is also within your budget.

Wearing a goldish rain cloud diamond may provide you with greater warmth, a less stressful life, happiness, easy communication, mental stability with high power memory storage, and enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about new job assignments in life. When a yellow butterfly cut lab diamond is set in jewelry, the wearer gains the capacity to deal with unanticipated issues in love relationships and life.

4. Green Butterfly Lab Diamond

You know one thing lab-grown diamonds are environment-friendly. Keeping that in mind we have created this authentic green color butterfly shape lab diamond. Make your contribution to the environment by shifting to eco-friendly diamonds. And consider this eye-catching green butterfly.

The green-colored butterfly-shaped diamond offers thinking capacity to the wearer. This type of diamond was created for persons who have trouble with their unconscious mind and ideas in everyday life. As a result, if a person wants a relationship with another person at work, they should wear green-colored diamond jewelry.

Final Thoughts

We understand that some diamond lovers prefer the antique look. If you’re having trouble finding these diamonds in other stores, ouros jewels have got you covered. We provide high-quality lab-grown antique diamonds in a variety of shapes and colors. So whether you’re looking for a classic butterfly diamond or something a little more unique, we have what you need.

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