All You Need To Know About Facebook Reviews

All You Need To Know About Facebook Reviews

Even after great shifts in social media, Facebook is still dominant. And it is still the most-used social media platform of all time. According to research by Reviews Tracker, Facebook holds 19% of all customer reviews of all industries. As a result, Facebook reviews become a prime source for customers to make a purchase decision. 

And over the past few years, Facebook reviews have become a significant part of a marketing strategy. This is why many businesses have started to embed Facebook Reviews on their website. However, we have you covered if you still cannot have a way with Facebook Reviews. 

This blog will walk you through everything you need to know about Facebook Reviews. This blog has everything from getting Facebook reviews for your website to how important they are for your business. So walk with us and thank us later. 

Secrets Experts Use To Get Facebook Reviews For Their Business 

Over the past few years, Facebook has been a hub for small businesses. With 1.85 billion people logging in to the platform daily, it has become a great marketplace. And here are a few smart ways to fetch Facebook Reviews for your business. 

a). Promote Your Facebook Page To Other Platforms

If you are not letting people know about Facebook pages, how would they figure out to leave the platform? Therefore, you must cross-promote your Facebook business profile to other platforms to notify your target audience. 

The simplest part is that you do not have to be extravagant to tell them about your Facebook presence. Instead, provide a link to the Facebook reviews section on other of your platforms. 

Remember that your job is to create a seamless bridge for your target audience to land on your Facebook Reviews page. 

b). Embed Facebook Review Widget On Your Website 

Asking for more Facebook reviews becomes even easier when you embed the Facebook review widget on your website. A Facebook review widget on a website creates a bandwagon effect among your target. They would love to participate when they see you highlight great Facebook reviews online. It would be better if you added a descriptive Facebook Review to encourage people to check out your products and express their opinions. 

Any social media aggregator tool can embed Facebook reviews on websites. Make sure to choose a tool that is a low-code platform. This will take a lot off your plate. Apart from that, it should also provide you with enough customization features to make your Facebook review widget visually appealing. 

c). Add A Call To Your Website 

You own a business and have a website. Your website is where most of your customers go whenever they hear about your business, even after purchasing from you.  

The best thing you can do here is add a call-to-action asking for a Facebook Review for your business.

A CTA on the website about Facebook Reviews will help them know that your website is safe for them to express their opinion about your products and services. 

d.) Send Emails To Your Customers

You might argue that nobody would open an email in the era of social media. However, a lot of people still actively read emails. And take action on it. 

So a business owner is looking for ways to fetch more Facebook Reviews for your website. You can ask them through emails. Make sure you have their email addresses through the right means. For example, you can ask them for permission to send promotional emails while they are making the purchase. 

Key Benefits Of Having Facebook Reviews On Your Website:

As a business owner, Facebook reviews can work wonders for your business. If you are wondering how to find some benefits of having a review widget on a website, have a look at the list below. 

1. Becomes A Social Proof

As a business owner, you must want validation for your existing customers. This acts as evidence that others have enjoyed your products and services. And reviews are the purest form of social proof. If you have enough Facebook reviews, you can showcase them to your target audience to add a human touch to business. This evidence instantly influences the purchase decision of your customers.

2. Helps You Build Long Lasting Relationships 

Facebook is an extremely friendly place. It can become a great weapon in your marketing arsenal if you use it rightly. Think about your digital sales funnel, and you just don’t want them to purchase once. You want them to stick to your product and advocate your business. 

When they see you respect their opinion, they will start involving in all of the marketing strategies. Eventually, helping you create better relationships with the customers. 

3. Engaging Element For Your Website 

Your website engagement is the indicator of your business success. But the condition is, the engagement should be authentic. An irrelevant engagement will be manipulated for the search engine. To tackle this situation, you can embed Facebook reviews on your website. 

This will add an engaging element to your website. Besides, it will also increase the time spent on your website. 

4. Boosts The Conversion Rate 

Reviews can be a two-headed monster. On the one hand, implementing them on a website can be time-consuming. On the other hand, letting your customers see your positive Facebook reviews will increase the conversion rate of your business. 

But there is also confusion for many businesses if they should showcase negative reviews on websites. Will negative reviews help them in boosting conversion rates? 

The shortest answer is yes. 

When you add negative reviews, you take the chance to mend your ways. Your first step should be to respond to such reviews politely and take charge. Once you are there, chances are your customers will be happy with the response. This will boost your chances of conversion in the future. More importantly, it will also work in word-of-mouth marketing. 

In A Nutshell 

Facebook is the most user-friendly platform of all social media platforms. If you are not active on Facebook as a business owner, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

A simple Facebook reviews widget on a website can help you achieve all of your dreams. 

We are at the end of the blog and we are sure we have covered all the information you need to know about Facebook Reviews. 

So don’t look for more reasons, this is your sign to get started with Facebook’s reviews. 


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