A Quick and Easy Guide to Using Standard Oils

A Quick and Easy Guide to Using Standard Oils

Given its meteoric rise in popularity over the last several years, you have probably heard about CBD Standard Oils by now.

However, it is hard to tell which products are successful since new ones flood the market every month.


Cannabidiol (CBD) Standard Oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and contains naturally occurring CBD.

When properly extracted from the cannabis plant, it may be consumed as a dietary supplement without the danger of inducing a high or stoned state.

Beyond the well-known cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabis plant contains a wide variety of additional cannabinoids. That’s the psychoactive component of cannabis, the one that’s outlawed in the UK right now.

Despite THC’s beneficial effects for a variety of medical conditions, the fact that it causes intoxication implies it would not be appropriate for widespread usage even if it were legal.

This is because getting high is not for everyone; some individuals have unpleasant side effects like nausea, paranoia, or anxiety. Others, including truck drivers and law enforcement officials, cannot have any traces of THC in their systems because of the nature of their jobs.

In the last several years, CBD has skyrocketed in popularity, and sales of CBD products of all types have increased dramatically. Many users claim excellent results when applying it to a broad variety of issues.


The bioavailability of CBD, or how well your body can absorb and utilize the extract, is an important factor to consider when trying to determine the best manner to consume CBD.

The bioavailability of conventional Lemon CBD is estimated to be anywhere between 10% and 15%. Although this may not sound promising, as it suggests that only around 15% of your CBD really acts on your system, it is a tribute to the strength of CBD that even with just 10% to 15% working on your system, we still witness remarkable improvements in individuals. In reality, we’re seeing people’s lives being transformed.

When it comes to how to take CBD, it’s all about what works best for you.

Gummies, for example, only absorb 3% of the CBD, so you should avoid them unless you have no other options. Taking CBD in Standard Oils form is a highly inefficient and costly method due to its low bioavailability (only 3% is absorbed), thus I only recommend it in exceptional cases.

The bioavailability of regular Standard Oils is marginally improved when taken either before or after a meal.

In what proportions should I take Lemon CBD?

Even though there are no hard and fast rules on how much Lemon CBD to ingest, I usually recommend starting with products of moderate potency.

If you begin with what I would call a medium-strength product (500-1000 milligrams of CBD), you have some leeway to adjust the dosage up or down depending on your needs.

It’s easy to assume that CBD isn’t effective after starting with a little amount and seeing no results; however, it’s more likely that you just required a slightly higher dose to get things rolling.

While there is a scientific basis for Lemon CBD—its production, our understanding of it, and its effects on the body—the optimal method of administration is more of an art than a science.

Since this is comparable to several natural remedies, I usually recommend that those using CBD pay attention to their symptoms. Test how it’s affecting you, and adjust the dosage accordingly.

DOES TOO many CBD Standard Oils EXIST?

As with most things in life, it is possible to consume too much of a good thing. Fortunately, CBD is non-toxic, so even if you consume an excessive amount of CBD Standard Oils, you will likely experience just mild discomfort.

The most common negative effects are elimination problems, headache, and fatigue, all of which may be easily remedied by reducing the dosage of CBD.

Overdosing on CBD is not a concern; to my knowledge, no one has ever experienced major consequences from consuming too much of this substance. I can think of many examples of individuals I know who have been gravely damaged after using prescription medications.


In this context, we discuss CBD in terms of its bioavailability. This refers to your body’s capacity to take in a substance and use it effectively.

Do not be discouraged by the poor bioavailability of Lemon CBD; in fact, the fact that it has such positive benefits despite the bioavailability is a testimonial to the quality of the CBD Standard Oils we produce here at CBD One.

Furthermore, we offer the exceptional, water-soluble CBD of the Absorb range, which is 100 percent bioavailable. If you take a shot of one of our to-absorb products, the Lemon CBD will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

To get the most out of CBD, take it in tiny doses to feel energized and uplifted; however, bigger doses of CBD seem to have a sedating effect, which is why our heavier absorption range of Lemon CBD takes longer to take effect and feels more relaxing.


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