A Gem Guide: Types of Gemstones and Their Uses

A Gem Guide: Types of Gemstones and Their Uses

Introduction Of Gemstones

Stones and crystals have been prized since ancient civilizations because of their mesmerizing powers, shiny appearance, and colorful properties. In addition, gemstones have always been regarded as bringers of peace, prosperity, and joyful life. We can bifurcate the gemstones into two categories; the first is precious stones, and the second one is semi-precious stones. For example, diamonds have always been considered precious stones and are generally more expensive than semi-precious gemstones. Therefore, the semi-precious gemstones got huge recognition because they are available in an affording range for everyone.

I have discussed below some of the semi-precious gemstones that have been trending for the past few decades. Let’s get started.

Moonstone- A Reflection Of The New Moon

Hues– Gray, yellow, brown, pink

Mineral class– Orthoclase and Albite

Hardness level– 6 to 6.5

Source– Australia, Armenia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India

Moonstone is a variety of minerals from the feldspar group. It is transparent to a translucent gemstone in appearance and is known for its adularescence features. The mineral comes in the semi-precious category and is founds in limited places around the globe. Moonstone is regarded as the protective gemstone by many connoisseurs used to create elegant jewelry pieces. It is believed that wearing the Moonstone jewelry brings prosperity and wealth and transfers the powers of the Moon to its users.

Opal- Queen Of All Gemstones

Color- White, black, yellow, orange, red, and many more.

Mineral structure- Amorphous

Hardness level- 5 to 6.5

Source- Ethiopia, Australia, England, Mexico, and the USA

Being an ancient gemstone, Opal has been prizing for ceremonial and healing purposes. Opal’s colorful varieties make it one of the stunning crystals for creating ornamental objects. Our ancestors used the crystal to eliminate various evil spirits and negative energies from their lives. In addition, as per astrological perspectives, Opal is considered a traditional birthstone for October-born persons. So Opal jewelry is widely worn by June-born persons.

Moldavite – A Stone From The Stars

Color- olive green, deep green, mossy green

Mineral class- glass

Hardness level- 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale

Source- the Czech republic

Since the formation of the Moldavite, it has been used in various activities, from healing to commercial uses. The gemstone is used to create delicate pieces of Moldavite jewelry in cut or cabochon form. In addition, the gemstone is also used in raw form to grab the actual benefits of the crystal. It is believed that when the green-colored gemstone is worn in pendant form, it allows for aligning the heart chakra of the wear. Moreover, the Moldavite is a natural gemstone that is considered for several meditation and yoga activities.

Larimar- An Oceanic Beauty

Color- Bluish-green, Blue

Mineral class- Silicate mineral

Hardness level- 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale

Source- The Dominican Republic

Larimar is said to provide the ambrosial powers of the Caribbean sea that promotes tranquility and calming energies in the wearer’s life. As the gemstone is only founded in the Dominican Republic. The gemstone was first founded by an artisan near the beach of the Caribbean sea and gave its name to his daughter Larissa. Since its founding, the gemstone has been used for making stunning pieces of jewel accessories. Wearing the Larimar jewelry gives you an attractive look and enables you to wear any outfit.

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