7 secret tips to select the best stainless steel door handles

7 secret tips to select the best stainless steel door handles

Door handles, an essential item in all homes worldwide, are more seen as an operative fixture than a décor element. Stainless steel door handles made by an experienced company can make them a stunning style statement unique to the homeowner’s attitude. The best door handle company can change these essential operative fixtures to visual statements to increase the property’s interior design. It is because they can manufacture door handles in thousands of designs, styles, finishes, shapes, colors, etc. Using the right door handle can make the home or office interiors mind-boggling to establish the character and impress the visitors. 

Hence this article discusses stainless steel door handles and the tips to select the best among them made by a reputed door handle company

What is stainless steel door handles?

The basic purpose of a door handle is to make the entry and exit of rooms or any enclosed space seamless and easy. Though many do not consider it important, it serves more than the basic purpose of increasing the looks of the door and property and many other benefits. And the best materials to make them are chrome or stainless steel to be rust-free, strong, and beautiful. Most people use stainless steel door handles to last long and be easy to use. But there are many stainless-steel handles to open doors of all sizes and shapes. And renowned door handle companies can make many models and customized handles to select the right one as per need and budget. 

Seven tips for selecting stainless steel handles from a renowned door handle company

The little things in life make it interesting and meaningful, and one such thing is the door handles. Most people plan to build beautiful, big houses spending huge amounts of money but forget about the door handles that enable them to enter and exit easily and quickly. Like the door locks that keep the property safe from intruders, the doorknobs or handles make going out and coming into the house or office with no difficulties. Any repair or damage to the door handles will cause a lot of hardships and stress. Hence it is essential to choose the right stainless steel door handle considered best by experts. The following are a few tips to buy from the best door handle company per your needs and budget. 

  1. Choose the right door handle model compatible with the doors and suitable for room access while carrying things.
  2. Select privacy door handles with a button or twist door lock on the side or front for bedrooms and bathrooms 
  3. Passage door handles operating with a latch assembly with no locking mechanism are suitable for hallways, interior closets and others that do not need any privacy locks
  4. Choose dummy door handles fixed one-sided to the door with no internal working parts to push or pull the door open suitable for bedroom closets, pantries, etc.
  5. Consider the cross bore, door, and backset thicknesses before choosing the door handle to fix perfectly with no hassles. 
  6. Selecting the right material, from crystal to cut glass for decorative purposes, ceramic with colorful paintings for aesthetic appearance or the best metal like stainless steel to be strong, durable, and also beautiful
  7. Style, finish and color are the other factors to consider as metal finishes like black or glass handles that are round or square and in many others define the looks and attitude.

Dorset is a renowned door handle company that creates over 1.5 million handles every year to be the market leader in India and export to many countries. 


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