7 Astounding Hard Wax Products by Miss Cire

7 Astounding Hard Wax Products by Miss Cire

“We strive to offer high-quality products to contribute to the development of successful professionals within our industry. Our products are for licensed professionals that are interested in offering top-of-the-line services with the Miss Cire signature.”

Miss Cire is committed to giving the best wax items for proficient use. They are your immediate wax provider for all hair removal needs; stripless hard wax, strip wax, roll-on wax, wax warmers, and wax accessories.

Their enthusiasm is to bring new, innovative, and out-of-the-box thoughts to furnish experts in the business with well-known strategies by making the most special formulas for experts in the business and making a never-ending experience for their clients.

It is along this line that Miss Cire has painstakingly evolved inventive formulas that are sufficiently versatile to remain flexible and not break upon removal. Presenting their hard wax items that convey perfect outcomes, not exclusively will you be utilizing less wax, yet additionally making a superior encounter for your client by saving time and eliminating the hair with fewer strips or excruciating tweezing. Their recipes require a low liquefying, they stick solidly to the hair by working with its expulsion by separating follicles from the root. This postpones further hair development more actually than shaving and numerous different waxes available.
This article presents the various kinds of hard wax products of Miss Cire. Continue reading and be ready to be blown away by their items.

Here we go.

1. Mademoiselle Pink Polymer-based Film Hard Wax Beads.

This item offers the creamiest consistency, everything being equal. Their remarkable formula offers the most malleability you’ve at any point seen. With high flexibility and a low-temperature dissolving point, their pink dots have been figured out with the best ingredients. It is ideal for all hair and skin types including the most touchy ones.

“Great! Very very happy with my order!! Love this wax & so do my clients. The ONLY thing that I wish you’d change would be offering deeper discounts for bulk orders. The price is a little high. But other than that this is great”- Paige W.Verified Buyer.

2. You Blue My Mind Polymer-based Film Hard Wax Beads.

This one-of-a-kind formula conveys perfect outcomes. Its ideal consistency permits a slender application. Because of its low-temperature definition You Blue My Mind is suggested for any skin type, including the most sensitive ones. Its delicate formulation limits skin aggravation, redness, and agony by expanding client solace. Their Blue Film Hard Wax is ideally suited for thick and coarse hair.

“This is my go-to wax in my suit. My clients love how it feels. Easy to go on and removes every hair. I love the low melting point of all of these waxes. In my 8 years of being an esthetician, MISS CIRE’s waxes are by far my favorite and I am so happy to have found this brand” – Kristen R.

3. Hello Gorgeous Purple Polymer Based Film Hard Wax Beads.

This hard wax offers extraordinary versatility and doesn’t break at the hour of removal. It very well may be reapplied over similar areas for difficult hairs. It lessens disturbance, redness, agony, and client uneasiness. Clients will partake in an effortless waxing encounter. Their purple wax dots are low temp which expands the client’s solace. It offers a gel-like consistency, it is unscented and it is incredible for ALL areas of the body including the Brazilian/swimsuit.

“It’s pretty good! It has a great pull and grabs the hair pretty well!” – Ashanti O.Verified Buyer.

4. Hairy Days Are So Over Hot Pink Hypoallergenic Film Hard Wax.

Assuming that you were battling with obstinate hairs. Those days are so over. They are excited to present their most recent formula for delicate areas and obstinate hairs. It presents another age of hypoallergenic film hard waxes in dots. Hot Pink is generally in, and why not utilize a wax that has everything? Produced using engineered rosins permitting a compelling and clean removal for short, meager, and coarse hair with no aggravation or bothering. Completely appropriate for face and body waxing. Its low temperature gives an even and consistent liquefying and adds to the client’s solace.

“Pretty pink wax. Amazing wax loves it so much, and works well on coarse hair. Def buying it again” – Jordana C., Verified Buyer.

5. Besame Mucho Clear Hypoallergenic Vegan Film Hard Wax Beads.

Presenting Besame Mucho hypoallergenic film hard wax in beads show, uniquely planned for touchy skins. It is produced using manufactured rosins permitting a powerful and clean removal of short, meager, and coarse hair with no aggravation or disturbance. Its low temperature gives an even and consistent dissolution and adds to the client’s solace. It has a smooth surface, it dries quickly for speed waxing, and its incredible flexibility keeps it from breaking or getting weak.

“Love it, it has no aroma and it melts down clear. It doesn’t irritate the skin. Which is awesome for someone who has eczema/psoriasis” – Lucia M., Verified Buyer.

6. LUXE Hypoallergenic Vegan Film Hard Wax.

This wax is the richest hard wax formula available. It has been planned with hand-picked ingredients, offering the prettiest metallic pink tone. It is essential for the new age of waxes for delicate skin. Very proficient on all skin and hair types, even the most touchy ones. Impeccably sticks with the hair, not the skin.

This formula is a top-notch level hard wax in beads presentation, planned to be utilized for hair removal on sensitive areas, for example, two-piece, face, and armpits. It offers a half-breed consistency, it is a blend of smooth and gel consistency. Produced using manufactured ingredients permitting a viable and clean expulsion for short, slim, and coarse hair with no aggravation or disturbance.

“Best hard wax hands down!! I’ve used a lot of different hard waxes. My go-to wax had been out of stock for a while so I had been shopping around. So happy with the way this wax lays and it’s so sturdy and flexible. Grabbing the hair is so nice too!! My clients are noticing the difference in comfort. Please don’t let this wax go anywhere. Thanks in advance!! Lol” – Marissa C., Verified Buyer.

7. Boy Toy – Hypoallergenic Vegan Film Hard Wax.

This wax is here to change your waxing game. It is all that you’ve at any point longed for. A new age of wax for touchy skin. Low temperature, exceptionally slight application, and really fast drying time. It is likewise fragrance-free. It is a dermatologically tried formula explicitly intended for even the most touchy skin, incredible on all areas of the body. Ideal for all hair types including slight and vellus hair.

“This is definitely my favorite. Fantastic application” – Ann M., Verified Buyer.

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Miss Cire is focused on giving the best hard wax products for proficient use. They are your direct hard wax supplier for all hair removal needs. Their products are for approved specialists that are enthusiastic about offering top-tier services with Miss Cire’s signature.



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