6 Ways to Make Your Router Work Efficiently

6 Ways to Make Your Router Work Efficiently

No one really thinks of the internet router when the internet is working fine. But the moment one starts to experience some lag, they see their router as the main culprit. Well, it’s true that most of the time, it is your router that may disrupt the internet connection.

But have you ever wondered why? If not then don’t worry! The answer is that the router is the workhorse of your internet connection. This little piece of equipment is what broadcasts a wireless network, allowing you to get different devices connected to the Wi-Fi. These devices may be your laptop, PC, smartphone, or even your home automation gizmos. There are many providers that offer a modem as well such as Charter cable as they know how essential this device is for you to connect to the internet.

5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Router

As stated earlier, there are times when your router might act up and deliver you poor connection speed. But don’t fret! If you have noticed that your network is awfully slower than usual, then you can consider the following five ways to make sure that you get the most from your router.

#1. Reboot & Restart the Device

You must have noticed a computer slowing down when you open a lot of demanding programs. Similarly, a router can face a similar issue when you connect multiple devices. However, before you think about delving deeper into the mechanical problems, you can consider rebooting the device. What will that do, you ask? Well, if the router is rebooted then this will refresh the software within the router which will resync its processes. And it will start to work just fine, eliminating connection issues.

#2. Be Mindful of the Router Placement

People usually overlook this point. They are not at all mindful when it comes to the placement of the router. And this is one of the reasons why they face issues like slow connectivity speed. The best place to install your router is in the center of your house. If you keep it there, then you can expect to get a decent internet speed. Also, remember that the Wi-Fi signals can be easily blocked by furniture, walls, doors, or even a stack of books. Yes, you read that right! Therefore, it is advisable to place the router at a higher spot.

#3. Move the Antennas

Those antennas that you see on your router are not there just to look good. You can actually move them to improve the strength of your internet signal. If you want to get the best results then it is recommended to move the antennas perpendicular to one another. You can make sure that one antenna is facing horizontal and the other vertical.

#4. Switch the Channel

If you are located in an area where there is a high usage of Wi-Fi, you can consider switching the wireless channel on your router. But why? Well, this will help boost the connection speed. You can imagine channels as separate lanes on a highway. It’s obvious that the lane that has the most cars will move slower as compared to the other lanes with fewer vehicles. You may not know this but most routers select a default channel and when everyone is on that particular channel, then chances are that you will experience some lag. Hence, it is best to switch to a channel that is not commonly used.

#5. A Wired Connection Is Much Reliable

Wired connections are more reliable as compared to wireless ones. So, if you are having constant problems with your Wi-Fi connection then it is recommended to plug your device directly into the router. However, if you want this to work smoothly, you have to make sure that the ethernet ports are installed on the device. Also, you must have an ethernet cable. If you have that, then you can take one end of the cable and plug it in the router and the other end goes into your device. This will help with the speed of the connection provided that you have the right drivers installed.

#6. Invest in the Latest Model of the Router

If you have an old model of the router then there is no way it will be able to perform optimally. You should always keep upgrading the device if you want to receive the top connection speed. To find the model specification, you can check the bottom of your router. And once you have it, you can then compare it with your internet package. If you have a router that is unable to handle the bandwidth that you are paying for then it is time to invest in the latest model of the router.


Everyone needs access to a fast internet connection speed. However, you can only get that if your router performs exceptionally well. After all, it is the main device that allows you to connect your device wirelessly to the internet. You can try out the above-mentioned ways to get the most of your router. And hopefully, your issue of receiving slow connection speed will be resolved.


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