57 Most Unique Rakhi Gifts For Both Sister And Brother

57 Most Unique Rakhi Gifts For Both Sister And Brother

Are you confused about what gift to give to your sister and brother? So don’t worry because we have come up with 57 unique Rakhi gifts ideas that make your sister and brother happy.

Rakshabandhan means the festival of brother and sister. While there is a lot of love in this relationship, there are also a lot of conflicts.  

Regardless of the relationship between brother and sister, but on the day of Rakshabandhan, after erasing all the grievances, both become one. 

On this special festival, after tying Rakhi to their brother, the brother gives her a Rakshabandhan gift, but nowadays, sisters are also giving a return Rakhi gift to her brother.  

Now, if you are wondering what to gift on Rakhi, then we have come here with the 57 most unique Rakhi gifts ideas.

Importance Of Raksha Bandhan

The festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Sawan. This festival is considered a symbol of the emotional bond between brother and sister. 

On the day of the festival, sisters, while praying for their brother’s well-being, feed them sweets and wear or tie a rakhi (molly, silk thread, raw yarn, or string) on ​​their wrists.  

It is believed that by tying Rakhi on this day, bad planets are removed. The description of the festival of Rakshabandhan is also found in Puranic and Mahabharata.

There are many historical references to Rakhi. For example, Sikandar’s wife tied a rakhi to Hindu king Puru and took a promise not to kill Sikandar in the war, due to which Puru spared Sikandar’s life.  

At the same time, Rani Karnavati, the widow of the Raja of Chittor, on receiving the news of the attack by Bahadur Shah, sent a Rakhi to Mughal King Humayun and sought help, keeping the shame of which Humayun reached Mewar and fought a war against Bahadur Shah.

After knowing the importance of Rakshabandhan, now we are going to tell you the unique Rakhi gifts ideas.

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50+ Most Unique Rakhi Gifts

Giving gifts to each other on Rakshabandhan is a beautiful way of showing love. By gifting sister and brother a Rakhi, they can be made to realize how special they are. 

Just for this, it is necessary to buy unique Rakhi gifts of the choice of brother and sister and as much as theirs. 

First of all, we have brought Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sister

Unique Rakhi Gifts For Sister 

On Rakshabandhan, the brother’s wrist is filled with colorful rakhis worn by sisters. At this festival, it is made to give the best gift to the beloved sister who decorates her wrist with ‘Rakhi,’ the protection thread of love and blessings.  

If you are worried about what to give as a Rakshabandhan gift, then below are the unique Rakhi gifts for your sister that will solve your problems in a pinch.

1. Heart Crystal Bracelet

If your sister is fond of jewelry, then you can gift her the cute little crystal bracelet on Rakshabandhan. 

2. Handbags

If you want to give something stylish and useful to your sister on Rakshabandhan, then give her this cool handbag. 

If your sister goes to the office or is a college student, then she will definitely love the handbag. 

3. Wind Bell

It can be gifted to the sister of Rakhi to enhance the beauty of her room. Wind bell is also called a source of positive energy. Also, its sound gives peace to both the heart and the mind.

4. Bamboo Plant

On Rakshabandhan, wishing for a bright future for the sister, you can also give Bamboo Plant. The bamboo plant is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Also, it can be used as decoration.

5. Lunch Box

If you want that the Rakhi gift given by you to your sister will be useful for her, then you can give the lunch box to her as a gift. 

Food is kept fresh and hot in the set of insulated lunch boxes. It is also easy to carry due to its easy fit in the lunch bag.

6. Pepper Spray

Which brother does not care about his sister?  So on this Rakhi, you can give them paper spray for safety. 

Which she can use for self-defense if needed. This pepper spray can be easily carried in a bag or purse.

7. Chocolate Box

What can be better than a chocolate gift to sweeten the sister’s mouth like the sweetness of your relationship with Rakhi. 

Your sister will definitely like these handmade chocolate balls for the special Rakshabandhan.

8. Electric Kettle

If your sister lives away from home or has to travel frequently for work, then you can gift her an electric kettle on Rakhi. 

9. Leather Diary

You can gift a beautiful diary to your sister on Rakshabandhan. Whether your sister is a student, working or married, she will definitely like this diary.  

Trust me; the handcrafted leather cover diary will inspire you to unleash your sister’s creativity and make better use of it.

10. Quill Pen

Girls like unique things more. In such a situation, you can give the antique quill pen to your sister as a unique Rakhi gift. Believe me; the pen will make your sister fall in love at first sight as soon as she sees it.

11. Bangle Stand

If your sister is married or she is very fond of hand accessories, then you can give her a bangle stand as a gift, which she can use to keep her watches, bracelets, and bangles, etc., by keeping her dressing table or anywhere else.

12. Multipurpose Wallet

What can be a better gift on Rakhi than a wallet in which your sister can easily keep cash, cards, coins on her mobile? On this Rakhi, you can give them the multipurpose leather wallet as a gift.  

13. Dream Catcher

Suppose your sister likes creative things. So you can also give them a dream catcher as a gift on Rakhi. She can also use it for decoration in her room. 

In such a situation, it is believed that the dream catcher captures the negativity, and by applying it, bad dreams never come.

14. Coffee Soap

If your sister loves trying out different skincare products, then you can gift her a set of coffee-shaped soaps. Like different types of coffee, this box also contains three types of soaps, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte, which are believed to help in keeping the skin healthy as well as nourishing it.

15. Fragrance Diffuser

Who doesn’t want their room to be always pleasant? The sweet-smelling fragrance spread in the room refreshes the mood, keeps the mind calm, and also brings positivity to the environment.  

In such a situation, on this Rakshabandhan, you can gift the fragrance diffuser with a lavender scent to your sister.

16. Digital Table Clock

If your sister has trouble getting up early in the morning and she always sleeps for the morning with the alarm on her mobile, then you can buy the gift. 

The digital table can reduce their dependence on mobile by giving them an alarm clock. With an LED display and smart lighting, the clock shows the date and temperature along with the time.

17. Hair Styling Kit

If your sister is very stylish or she loves to experiment with her hair, then this 5 in 1 hairstyling kit will be the unique Rakhi gifts for her.  

If she wants, she can use the hair straightener, curler, crimper, and comb brush given in it daily or just casually.

18. Original Pearl Pendant

Are you thinking of gifting any jewelry to your sister on Raksha Bandhan? If yes, then you can give them this original pearl pendant as a gift.  

The pearl pendant is very beautiful to look at and will fit well in your sister’s neck too. 

19. Makeup Organizer Kit

Often the dressing table of sisters is filled with makeup and skincare products. If something like this happens with your sister too, then you can give her a makeup organizer kit as a Rakshabandhan gift.  

In the different compartments built in it, she can keep a lot of her belongings. Also, it can be easily closed and used while traveling.

20. Teddy

Almost every girl in the world likes soft toys.  Especially when that soft toy is a big teddy, so does their happiness. In such a situation, on this Rakhi, you can bring a smile to your face by sending the big soft toy as a gift to your sister.

21. Rotating Photo Lamp

If you want to gift something different to your sister in a Raksha Bandhan gift, then you can give her this personalized rotating photo lamp. Different beautiful pictures of your sister can be placed in the four corners of this lamp. 

The lamp slowly rotates as soon as it is switched on, which exposes all the pictures one by one. This lamp also looks very beautiful in appearance.

22. Best Sister Trophy

Whether it is you from the scolding of mom and dad or whether it is to help you from studies to household chores, your sister always supports you.  You can give the best sister trophy to such a sister for her love in Rakhi.

23. Scrapbook

You can also give a scrapbook to your sister as a gift. You can decorate this scrapbook with your own hands, or you can also give a blank scrapbook as a gift to your sister. In this, your sister can decorate those beautiful memories and moments.

24. Instant Camera

You can also give an instant camera as a gift to your lovely sister. In this, she will be able to capture every beautiful moment spent with you and family and friends. She can also decorate the instant pictures from this camera in her scrapbook or album.

25. Watch

The watch in the hands not only tells the time but also enhances the beauty of the wrist.  Even though people’s dependence on gadgets has increased today, wristwatches have their own charm. 

26. Anti Theft Backpack

What can be a better Rakhi gift for your sister than a bag from which it is almost impossible to steal things? You can give them this anti-theft backpack on Rakhi. The luggage compartment in this bag is on the inside so that it is not easy to steal the goods.

27. Insulated Coffee Mug

If your sister likes to drink tea or coffee, then you can also give her a coffee mug as a Rakhi gift. She can also travel with this insulated coffee mug. It has a lock system so that tea or coffee does not fall and stays hot for a long time. In such a situation, whenever your sister drinks coffee in the mug, she will definitely remember you.

28. Nail Grooming Kit

Many girls are very fond of pedicures and manicures. In such a situation, you can give a nail grooming kit to your sister as a Rakhi gift.  With the help of a Nail Clipper, Nail Scissor, Nail Cleaning Knife, etc., present in it, she can take care of her nails at home.

29. Dress

If your sister loves to be up to date with fashion, then you can gift her the trendy dress.  

30. Footwear

It is said that good footwear takes a person to a good destination. In such a situation, by gifting new footwear to the sister waiting for your gift on Rakhi, you can wish her a better future and every success.

31. Bonsai Money Tree

The bonsai money tree signifies growth and stability in life. It is believed that keeping it in the house removes negativity. 

You can also gift a Bonsai Money Tree to your sister on this Rakhi. She will definitely like this. A bonsai tree can also be used as home decoration.

32. Jewelry Box

Girls are very fond of decorating. In such a situation, they have a lot of jewelry along with makeup. In such a situation, you can gift a box on this Raksha Bandhan to cover all their jewelry. This wooden jewelry box will come in handy for their time.

33. Puzzle Piece

If you love doing pranks with your sister and prank her gives you comfort, then this Rakhi gift is perfect for you. 

34. Bean Bags

What could be more comfortable than a bean bag to sit comfortably? In such a situation, you can also gift a bean bag with fur in Rakhi to your sister. The bean bag is also very stylish to look at and can be used anywhere in the house.

34. Handmade Purse

If you want to give a handmade gift to your sister on Rakhi, then you can gift this purse to her. Along with the purse, you will also get an earring set, jewelry pouch, and card in this entire gift pack.

35. Mood Octopus

Both the ruckus and persuasion between brothers and sisters go on. In such a situation, you can gift this mood-changing octopus toy to your sister as unique Rakhi gifts. 

When the sister is angry, she can put the angry side of the toy, and when she is happy, the happy side can be put in front so that the other person gets to know about her mood in advance. It is also very cute to look at, so your sister will definitely like it.

36. Ear Rings Set

If you give a set of earrings as a gift to your sister, then she will like it very much. Owning earrings in the hands of a brother would mean a lot to them. The earrings will add to the personality of your sister.

37. Feng Shui Turtle

It is believed that Feng Shui Turtle brings prosperity and wealth along with wealth in the house. In such a situation, you can give this feng shui turtle to your sister on Rakhi for her good luck. She can decorate it anywhere in her home or office.

Now look ahead to the Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Brother list.

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Unique Rakhi Gifts For Brother 

Often brothers give gifts to sisters on Raksha Bandhan, but it doesn’t need to be the same every time. The more your brother loves you, the more or a little more you will have from him.  

In such a situation, on this Rakhi, when you tie a thread of protection on your brother’s hand, then you will also give him a lovely gift. Trust me; they will love it.  

If there is a dilemma in choosing a gift, then below are 20 Rakhi gift ideas for your brother, in which you will definitely find the perfect gift for your brother.

38. Multipurpose Leather Pouch

You can gift a stylish multipurpose leather pouch to your brother on Rakhi. He can use this vintage pouch to keep stationery items or keep his other essentials, and it does not get damage for a long time.

39. Wrist Watch

No matter what the season, it is something else when it comes to wristwatches. The watch worn in the hands enhances the personality of a person even more.  

In such a situation, on Rakhi to your brother, you can gift the trendy beautiful watch. 

40. Gym Bag

If your brother is fond of bodybuilding and likes to go to the gym regularly, then you can give him a gym bag as a Rakhi gift. He can use it to carry his essentials for the gym.

41. Pen Stand

Every gift given to a brother on Rakhi is special. In such a situation, instead of bothering to give them expensive or big gifts as Raksha Bandhan gifts, give them this beautiful personalized pen stand. 

You can get your brother’s name printed on this pen stand. It can also act as a table clock, as it also has a pitcher in the shape of an apple.

42. Backpack

Every boy needs a backpack or says that most of the boys prefer to carry a backpack. In such a situation, you can give a stylish and trendy backpack to your brother as a gift on Rakhi.   Buy Now From Amazon

43. Leather Sling Bag

If your brother does not like big and heavy bags, then you can give this sling bag to him as a Rakhi gift. He can easily carry the things he needs, such as a mobile, charger, wallet, pen, notebook, tab, etc.

44. Wallet & Belt Gift Combo

If this dilemma is in mind, what gift to give to your brother on Rakhi, then you can give this set of leather wallets and belts. 

45. Marvel’s Chain

Fans of Avengers superheroes can also gift Captain America’s shield to your brother on Rakhi. If he wants, he can put this metal keychain in his bag or the key rings. Trust me, a true Avengers lover will definitely love this gift.

46. Color Suitcase

If you want to give a nice gift to your younger brother on Rakhi, then you can give the color suitcase to him. 

47. Avenger Bag

If your brother is a fan of Avengers, then you can gift him this Captain America shield style backpack as a rakhi gift. The gift can be an excellent option for school-going brothers.

48. Card Holder

Nowadays, as the age is becoming digital, more and more people have stopped keeping cash. Now from small and big shops to shopping malls, just a card swipe or online payment works.  

In such a situation, the size of the wallet has also become smaller now. On this Rakhi, you can gift this new-age mini wallet, i.e., cardholder, to your brother.

49. Locket Pocket Watch

If your brother is fond of antique things, then you can give him this locket pocket watch as a Rakhi gift. He will surely love this vintage round locket pocket watch. Your brother can decorate it in the case or use it.

50. Laptop/Study Table

If your brother is a student or he has more work to write, read or laptop, then you can buy this for him. 

51. Grooming Set

You can also give grooming set as a gift to your brother on Rakhi. The set includes essential items for boys’ skincare and daily needs like face wash, body wash, aftershave, and main shower gel. Containing Aloe Vera Gel, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Essential Oils, these products promote freshness.

52. Camera Lens Mug

If you want to give unique Rakhi gifts to your brother on Rakhi, then you can give him a coffee mug shaped like a camera lens.  

53. Laptop Bag

If your brother uses a laptop, then you can gift a laptop bag on Rakhi to keep him. The laptop bag with a hardcover is waterproof, and it has enough space to keep the charger, notebook, and other items along with the laptop.

54. Parker Pen

If your brother is a student or has a passion for writing, then you can give this special pen as a gift. The pack of this classic pen from Parker also comes with a cardholder.

55. Beard Grooming Kit

Nowadays, many boys are very fond of the beard look. If your brother is also included in the list of Beard Man, then you can give him the Beard Grooming Kit as unique Rakhi gifts. It has oil, beard softener, beard shampoo, conditioner, and comb to take care of his beard.

56. Personalized Sunglass Cover

On this Rakhi, you can also give a personalized sunglasses cover to your brother as a gift. Your brother’s name will be specially written on this sunglasses cover. 

57. Smart Watch

In such a situation, if your brother also likes Smart Watch, then he has been given a SmartWatch. In which he installs WhatsApp, talks about similar things in the weather to sit together.

It matters that you soared high at such a high cost. The festival of Raksha Bandhan that unites the hearts of brother and sister lies in the value of your gift, brother and sister.

Just by choosing from the Unique Rakhi gifts ideas given here, you can buy a Rakhi gift for your beloved sister or your brother. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I give to my sister on Raksha Bandhan?

Keeping in mind the choice or need of your sister, you can buy a gift for her. This includes Desk Organizer, Jewelry Box, Makeup Set, Books, Pulse Game, etc.

Q. Can we give food and drink as a gift to Rakshabandhan?

Yes, if you want, you can also give food items made with your own hands as a gift for Rakshabandhan. If you do not know how to cook, then you can also order readymade food of the choice of brother or sister. Apart from this, many packets of chocolates, chips, etc. can also be given.

Q. What can be the best gift for your brother on Rakhi?

Whatever you love for your brother, it will be the best gift. If still there is confusion, then this article has given 20 unique Rakhi gifts ideas for your brother.

Q. If I give any craft item on Rakshabandhan?

Craft items are as beautiful to look as they are durable. If your brother or sister loves craft items, you can gift them craft items.


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