50+ Incredible Free Fonts

50+ Incredible Free Fonts

You really won’t believe these are free. The first one is Laisha. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this correctly. But Laisha is a free thick leaded modern display font. It’s a really unique typeface with lots of quirky elements within it. It’s more of a serif typeface because of the serif nature that it has throughout, but it’s really nice to put into client work.

For maybe anything vintage or modern that professional digital marketing service need to have a bit of a retro approach to. I love the old-style look of this, and for specific projects even just for branding or having it on a label or even t-shirt design. This is a great font to have in your arsenal.

Big Areas Or Even In Smaller Areas

Laisha comes in one weight and that’s okay. Because it’s a display type. This is made to be seen in big areas or even in smaller areas. But made to be seen the standalone, because this is such a unique font. It’s great to use within brand identity. It gives its own unique flairs and it’s also great to use in posters or any other labelling work that you would do.

The only downside is that it can be hard to read at smaller scales. Because it doesn’t scale too well. So keep it as a display type. Now, the second font is Roboto serif. You may have heard of Roboto. Everyone knows it. It’s a Google font. That is free to download. Now within the Roboto family we now have a serif version.

Idea Of A Roboto Serif

The idea of a Roboto serif is to be easily readable in all formats. Now Roboto serif is a variable typeface family designed to create a comfortable and frictionless reading experience. It’s minimal and highly functional. No matter where you’re using, whether it’s on a smartphone, whether it’s on print, whether it’s on a website and Due to its extensive set of weights and widths across the broad of optical sizes.

It’s easy to read wherever you are. Now, variable fonts are different from normal fonts because it allows you to change the weight of the font and maybe how italicize Or how thick it is on sliders. Now, Greg from commercial type says this. In some ways, this is proof of concept in the world for variable fonts.

Show Piece Of A Vanilla Text

We wanted to make a show piece of a vanilla text typeface for comfortable reading that can be finely adjusted. The great thing about Roboto serif is that it can be adjusted in very small increments or large increments as well. This gives you the upmost flexibility for the correct font. Wherever it needs to be, whether it’s on an Apple Watch smartphone, a poster. a website, a book.

Wherever you think, you need to read something. Roboto serif has you covered. Third font is Geom. Geom is a contemporary geometric sans-serif typeface. It has seven weights. Now, this typeface is intended as a display typeface. But it works in small text too. What I love about Geom is the fact that it is so friendly, but also professional at the same time.


Looking For Sans-Serif Typeface

It’s so difficult to find a very nice looking sans-serif typeface. In some parts of Geom you can see, especially with the E that it is a bit more dynamic. It has movement, it’s a bit more playful, and it is completely geometric in the way that it’s formed. It’s a really clean typeface. You can use it for logo design, for branding, for anything. On your Instagram, and it’s free commercial use, of course.

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Geom typeface comes with seven weights, and again it’s variable as well. So technically it comes with a few hundred different weights. Now, the last typeface that we’re going to be looking at is Meshed Display. Of course, this is free to download and free for commercial use. But this is a typeface made for people who love letter forms.

Strong Vertical Contrast

These sarifs have the strong vertical contrast between thick and vertical stems and fine horizontal hairlines. It’s very nice and contrasting. Meshed has 18 weights and it is also variable. Meaning, you change the slant and the weight to your heart’s content whenever you want. It’s beautifully proportioned and it’s super nicely retro yet modern.

Again, this is more of a display font. So you don’t want it to be used within body text all the time. But this is great for album artwork, posters. Even logo designs as well. Although I would highly recommend if using for a logo design to edit certain parts and make it really your own.



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