5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Home

5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Home

What is the thing that you notice first upon entering a home? The floors, aren’t they? Choosing the best and right kind of flooring can have a huge impact on the aesthetic quality of your home and dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. It is also an important element of your interior décor that needs to be carefully selected and installed as you will have to live with it for a long time. Changing your flooring according to your whims is not an economically feasible option at all!

Do you like a particular flooring option just because it looks pretty? It would be best if you can also look into other features of the flooring that you intend to choose like water resistance, durability, color, texture, care, maintenance, etc. Choosing new flooring is a very tricky business and it can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. If you can make time and effort to do a bit of research and take the assistance of a seasoned retailer you can make great progress in picking out the best flooring for your home. 

The first and foremost thing to do in this regard would be to understand the different available options that are best suited for your family, your lifestyle and your home which can help you narrow down to a few options. Here, we would like to provide you with some of the very important factors we would like you to consider when selecting the best flooring options for your home. Also get in touch with one of the best and leading construction companies in Qatar for selecting the right flooring for your home.

Given below are some of the best tips that can help you choose the perfect flooring option for your home!

1. Space

First and foremost you need to consider the room/s in which the flooring will be laid out. The lighting used in the room and the size and shape of the room are important factors to consider when choosing the best flooring option for your room/s. Choosing the right type of flooring is similar to the way you choose paintings or wall coverings. If you choose darker accent flooring, it can bring in warmth whereas light colors can make the small rooms appear more spacious.

Getting samples from your local flooring supplier and laying them out in your idea to get a good visual idea would be a good way of deciding on the best option for your home. You can understand how well it blends with the furnishings and the room aesthetics by seeing them in place. It can also help understand how the flooring will appear to be at different times of the day, which is also an important thing to consider.

2. Budget

These days, there is a large variety of flooring options that you can get at different price ranges. Having a good understanding of your budget can help you choose the best or a mix of different flooring options for your home. Know your budget and also stick with it so that you don’t break your wallet with your home flooring endeavor! Make a proper budget plan which identifies the areas in which you have the liberty to spend more and the areas in which you don’t. The friendly staff at your favorite home décor store and the glittery marketing materials all have the intention of making you spend more. Keep that in mind and make your flooring-related decisions wisely!

3. Practicality

Practicality is another very important thing to look at when considering a suitable flooring option for your home. Get a good understanding of the kind of activities that will happen in a particular room and at what frequency. Would the room see heavy footfall, like a hallway? Or Will the room only be used at certain times, such as a guest room? So, understanding the kind of activity that happens in the room is also very important. For kitchens, you will need to look for flooring options that are both easy to clean and hardy since in kitchens there is always a chance of a stain or a spill.

4. Style

Considering how well the flooring fits with the existing surroundings in terms of its style is also an important matter. Getting carried away by the showroom display or the online brochure is easy to happen. Keep in mind that the flooring you choose needs to be in harmony with the aesthetics of your room and complement it. Select the type of flooring that syncs well with the décor and aesthetics of your home as a whole.

5. Type

Now that we have covered aspects like space, style, and the practicality of the room consideration, we can start looking at the different flooring options that are available for you to choose from. Currently, the four main popular types of flooring are vinyl, tiles, wood, and carpet. Choosing the best type from this list depends on the factors which we have discussed earlier with you and also on your personal preferences. After deciding on the type of flooring you would like to go for, you will also need to look into the subtypes. For example, wood flooring is what your heart wants, what type of wood flooring would you like to consider? Imitation wood effect vinyl? Hardwood flooring? Solid wood flooring? There are so many options to choose from different types of flooring. The shape is the next factor. Thin planks? Uniform squares? What do you fancy? Again, so many options to choose from in terms of flooring.

Do It Yourself or Professional services?

You might think that you can take up the job of laying off the flooring and save yourself some bucks. If you are a seasoned DIY expert, then all is well and good. If you aren’t then attempting to do so might not all be the best idea. Laying flooring might seem like a very simple job but it needs to be properly and precisely done so that it serves its purpose. If you still think you can do it yourself, then choosing a flooring type that can help you in this direction would be the best idea.

Two of the easiest types of flooring that can be done by amateurs are laminate and engineered flooring. Try to stick with these types so that you are on the safer side. You will require special tools so it’s better to make room for such things In your budget plan. Also, don’t forget to consider the extra time and effort you will have to put forth to accomplish the job by yourself and also the possible obstacles that may occur during the process.

Even with a professional installation, you can save some money. The Internet would be the best friend to turn to in this regard. Take a good amount of time to do plenty of research into the best local firms that can help you with the best professional services. Ask for quotes and get to know their professional history and choose the best one. Make sure you also consider well the credentials of the company, the customer reviews of the company’s services, and also the reputation of the company in the locality. There are several interior services in Qatar which will help you with the installation of your flooring.


Even though maintenance would be the last thing to crop in your mind, we want you to consider it very important. Are you willing to commit to regularly taking care of the flooring or are you only interested in a once-in-year commitment? The type of flooring dictates the frequency and extent of the maintenance required. So choose the type of flooring which best relates to your interest in the maintenance and care of the flooring.

There are flooring types that are very resilient like vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, and laminate flooring which require very less maintenance. A quick mopping now and then will keep them looking good for a long time. Spillages and stains are the only things that you need to watch out for. This type of flooring will stay in good shape for a long time with minimum effort for maintenance.

Wooden floors, on the other hand, are very hard to maintain. Manufacturers may try to sell you wooden floors with a “low maintenance” tag. Make sure you take it with a large pinch of salt! When kept at their best, there is nothing like the beauty and aesthetics of wooden flooring. If not properly maintained, wooden flooring can also appear very shabby. When there is heavy footfall, rugs can help prevent damage to your wooden flooring but is covering up the best idea after you have spent a lot of money on it?

Choosing the right flooring can be one of the best ways to elevate your home’s value and aesthetics. By following these tips, we believe you can make the best choice in choosing the best flooring options for your rooms.


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