4 Best things to do in Cedar Rapids

4 Best things to do in Cedar Rapids

Longing for some nature-filled serene views then plans a trip to Cedar Rapids. The city was Established in 1919 and is the second-largest city. being a seat of Linn County, this is located in the east-central Iowa of the United States. You can find here immense peace and nature’s lap astride the Cedar River adjacent to Marion (northeast) and Hiawatha (north). If you want to know about unique things to do, then you are at the right destination. with more than 23 attractions, the city of Cedar Rapids every year welcomes more than 1 million visitors. 

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  1. Indian Creek Nature Center

The first thing which you should do here is to visit the Indian Creek Nature Center. This is Iowa’s first and only private, non-profit nature center that has over 500 acres of woodland, wetlands, and prairie. In addition, this center has more than 5 miles of trails in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Being headquartered in the Amazing Space building, the center has one of only 31 Living Building Challenge Petal Certified buildings globally and in Iowa. Meanwhile, this makes it one of the most sustainable buildings worldwide.

  2. Grant Wood Studio

Another best thing to do here is to explore the Grant Wood Studio. This place is owned and managed by the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. This museum has the world’s most extensive collection of works by Wood. Come to this museum that is situated three blocks from the Grant Wood Studio. The famous Grant Wood Studio is one of the best places to visit in Cedar Rapids. Boasting its incredible paintings and artworks, people love to view and learn about other historical and exciting things in the studio. Also, knowing the studios reflect Wood’s passion for architecture and design.

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  3. Cedar River

Cedar Rapids is located near the Cedar River which features a 338-mile-long river in Iowa and Minnesota. The river is a tributary of the Iowa River flowing to the Mississippi River. This city was initially called the Red Cedar River by the Meskwaki. However, the city later got its name from the red cedar trees growing there. Watch out for the first Mississippi steamboat that got to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1844. However, during the next decade, the Red Cedar was an important commercial waterway. There are many attractions to visit in Cedar Rapids if you’re a nature lover. Also, the Cedar River passes through Austin, Minn., Cedar Falls, Charles City, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Above all, the primary tributaries are the Little Cedar and the Shell Rock rivers. 

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    4.  African American Museum of Iowa

One of the finest places in the city is the African-American Museum of Iowa. This statewide museum was committed to preserving, exhibiting, and teaching Iowa’s African American history. The museum is Iowa’s leading educational resource on the topic. Come here to get educated here where over 30,000 people visit every year. There are museum tours, traveling exhibits, research services, youth, and adult education programs, and community and fundraising events. One of the attractions in Cedar Rapids is this museum that you will love to visit. 

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