300-910 Latest Test Prep, 300-910 Exam Questions

300-910 Latest Test Prep, 300-910 Exam Questions

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The Channel Partner Program Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms 300-910 certification is a valuable credential earned by individuals to validate their skills and competence to perform certain job tasks. Your Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms 300-910 Certification is usually displayed as proof that you’ve been trained, educated, and prepared to meet the specific requirement for your professional role.

To prepare for the Cisco 300-910 exam, candidates can take advantage of various resources such as Cisco’s official training courses, practice exams, and study guides. Hands-on experience with Cisco platforms and automation tools is also essential to passing 300-910 exam. With the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification, professionals can demonstrate their expertise in DevOps practices and solutions using Cisco platforms, which can lead to better job opportunities and career advancement.

Candidates taking the Cisco 300-910 exam are expected to have experience working with Cisco platforms and tools as well as a good understanding of DevOps methodologies and practices. 300-910 exam consists of 60-70 questions and lasts for 90 minutes. To pass the exam, candidates need to score at least 825 out of 1000 points.

>> 300-910 Latest Test Prep <<

2023 300-910 Latest Test Prep – Latest Cisco Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms – 300-910 Exam Questions

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Cisco Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms Sample Questions (Q88-Q93):

Which step must be taken to enable centralized logging in a Kubernetes environment?

  • A. No steps need to be taken. The master node automatically aggregates logs from all worker nodes and stores them on the specified persistent volume.
  • B. Create a CustomResourceDefinition in each deployment that specifies the IP or names the log collector.
  • C. Deploy a sidecar node that aggregates logs from the entire cluster.
  • D. Create a DaemonSet that deploys a container with a logging agent on every node in the cluster.

Answer: C

Section: Cloud and Multicloud

A user wants to deploy a new service to a Kubernetes cluster. Which two commands accomplish this goal?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Expose
  • B. Install
  • C. Deploy
  • D. Apply
  • E. Create

Answer: A,D

Section: Cloud and Multicloud

Construct an Ansible script to gather information about target routers and then use it to apply no ip redirects to every interface on each device. Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the correct location in the exhibit to complete the tasks section of the Ansible playbook so that it accomplishes your goal.
Select and Place:



Section: Automating Infrastructure

Refer to the exhibit.

A Python script implements a logger server. The log receives a message from Base that contains this text:
TextMessage. How is the log formatted?

  • A. TextMessage -> Base
  • B. Base Alter: TextMessage
  • C. Undefined: TextMessageBase
  • D. TextMessage -> Alter Base

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

What is causing the requests code to fail?

  • A. The requests coming into stdin fail because device_ip cannot be parsed.
  • B. The requests library is not installed.
  • C. The requests library is not imported.
  • D. Rython3 is not compatible with requests.

Answer: C


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