3 Trends in BIM Outsourcing Services

3 Trends in BIM Outsourcing Services

The construction industry is transforming with digital innovations. Construction professionals worldwide consider BIM an essential tool for advanced construction management.

However, construction companies partner with BIM outsourcing companies to leverage BIM services on projects due to limited BIM knowledge and capabilities. 

BIM Outsourcing Services simply refer to collaborating with a building information modeling consulting company for leveraging BIM services. 

It is evident that in the post-pandemic scenario, professionals have started working from home. This has influenced BIM outsourcing in many ways. While there are many benefits of adopting BIM outsourcing services, this article focuses on the latest trends in BIM outsourcing services. 

Need for BIM outsourcing Services in USA

The USA is perhaps one of the biggest markets for BIM outsourcing. There are many AEC companies with in-house BIM capabilities.

However, many of these companies outsource their requirements to third-party BIM consultants based in countries such as India. 

The need for outsourcing bim services to India is growing every year in the USA because of the below reasons: 

  • Many AEC companies do not know what to expect from BIM. Basically, the advantages of utilizing BIM on projects are not pragmatically defined
  • BIM consultants based in the USA are too expensive for small or medium-sized companies to comprehensively implement BIM on projects
  • It is a little challenging to find BIM professionals with the necessary software skills
  • Almost every AEC/real estate company requires the development of CAD drawings, Revit models, and realistic renders. In the present day and age, all these services are often called ‘BIM Outsourcing Services’.
  • AEC companies based in USA prefer to partner with bim outsourcing companies based in India to leverage maximum cost and time benefits 

Latest Trends in BIM Outsourcing Services

1 – Saving Production Costs and Time

The sole purpose of outsourcing BIM services is to leverage cost and time benefits. Implementing BIM on projects requires software that comes with expensive software licensing and resources with advanced software skills. Together they incur significant production costs. 

BIM outsourcing helps construction companies to reduce these costs as the bim outsourcing partner has the necessary software licenses and resources for implementing bim on projects.  

If a company has ongoing BIM requirements on projects then it might hire full-time BIM resources. However, if it’s a one-time or limited requirement then adopting bim outsourcing services is the best way. 

Partnering with a BIM outsourcing company reduces pressure on its resources. They do not have to learn new software skills or hire expensive resources.

BIM outsourcing companies have trained in-house resources with significant software experience. AEC companies leverage their expertise to improve efficiency.

2 – Diversification of BIM Outsourcing Services Requirements

BIM outsourcing services are diversified into multiple disciplines. The new trend of outsourcing has made the consulting market quite competitive. Earlier, BIM outsourcing services typically included 3D, 4D, 5D & 6D BIM.

However, with the growing competition among BIM consultants, many new services have emerged. This includes shop drawings, cad drafting, Revit modeling, MEP drawings, etc. 

Many companies in the name of BIM Outsourcing Services are also providing 2D CAD Drawing Services.

However, this is not actually bim services but over the years professionals in the industry have been calling and considering them as part of the BIM services. 

3 – Partnering with Indian-Based BIM Outsourcing Companies

India has always been a hot spot for outsourcing. Especially for IT, telecommunications, engineering, and now BIM.

This is because of the below reasons:

  • English is an official language in India. Making it easy for fresh graduates and working professionals to communicate with overseas clients
  • Engineering and Architectural professionals possess great software skills. Especially the AutoDesk software, which is used worldwide
  • The production rates in India are significantly lower than the production rates in countries like the USA, the UK, and other European countries. The difference is about 40%

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