2023 Reliable AD0-E318 Dumps Book | High Pass-Rate Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master 100% Free Valid Exam Fee

2023 Reliable AD0-E318 Dumps Book | High Pass-Rate Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master 100% Free Valid Exam Fee

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Achieving the Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master certification demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge required to design and architect complex solutions using Adobe Campaign Classic. This certification can help you stand out in the job market and increase your earning potential. Additionally, certification can provide you with access to a community of like-minded professionals, as well as opportunities for professional development.

For individuals or organisations that make use of Adobe Campaign Classic, certification in AD0-E318 provides a comprehensive understanding of the system’s technical details, operations, and nuances. It helps organisations to measure the proficiency of their employees and identify opportunities to leverage Campaign Classic’s full potential. Organizations that have certified Adobe Campaign Classic architects can be assured that their technical systems are in good hands.

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Reliable AD0-E318 Dumps Book Exam Reliable IT Certifications | Adobe AD0-E318: Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master

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The Adobe AD0-E318 exam is a comprehensive exam that covers a wide range of topics related to Adobe Campaign Classic. Some of the topics covered in the exam include campaign design and execution, data management, workflow automation, and reporting and analytics. Candidates who pass the exam are certified as Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Masters and are recognized as experts in the field.

Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master Sample Questions (Q16-Q21):

A customer reports that data import, export and aggregation workflow take 3 to 4 hours each to complete, when they are scheduled to run before the campaign start. The is deploying the customer from starting campaigns on schedule.
Which two recommendations should the Architect make? (Choose two.)

  • A. Schedule data load and export technical workflows overnight or during off- peak hours.
  • B. Avoid running more than the limit configured for workflows to execute simultaneously.
  • C. Execute unconditional stop to clear cache and restart the workflow that are slow
  • D. Configure the severity in all workflow properties to Production/Critical to run on priority.
  • E. Check the execute in the engine option on all related workflows to run faster

Answer: C,E

The Recipient table is linked with a custom schema called Reservation, which contains a high volume of data that is needed at all times.
The deployment team reports that each time a query the location attribute the Reservation table, there is a long return time.
What should the Architect recommend?

  • A. Apply a db index on the Location attribute of the Reservation table
  • B. Advise to run the query during right time when less load is on the db.
  • C. Ensure the Location attribute contains string values at all times
  • D. Reduce the data with the Reservation table to contain max 100,000 rows.

Answer: A

Applying an index on the Location attribute of the Reservation table can improve the query performance and reduce the return time. An index allows the database engine to quickly locate the data without having to scan the entire table. This can be especially useful when working with large tables with a high volume of data.
It’s also important to consider that the other options might not provide a long-term solution for the problem.
Indexes in SQL databases: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/indexes.html Database indexing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_indexing

During the production smoke test the marketer modifies the delivery properties like period and delivery validity to test the deployed templates.
The marketer does not remember all the changes done and wants to revert the changes by redeploying the package that contained the templates for executing more tests.
What should the Architect do?

  • A. Create a package of the affected entity and include the definition of the delivery template
  • B. Create a package of the affect entity and include the delivery meta data in the package definition
  • C. Create a package of the entity and include the delivery schema that contains the properties
  • D. Create a package of the delivery template and include the default values

Answer: B

The architect should create a package of the affected entity, which includes the delivery meta data, such as the period and delivery validity, in the package definition. This will ensure that the original delivery properties are preserved and can be easily redeployed for testing. The package should also include other relevant information such as the entity definition, business rules, and workflow processes.
Additionally, it is good practice for the Architect to keep track of the changes made to the package and delivery properties through version control and configuration management. This will help to easily revert to a previous version of the package if needed.

A successful SOAP response is received from the Message Center but the emails are not arriving in the inbox.
What is causing this problem?

  • A. The email address value being used has no Profile in Adobe Campaign.
  • B. The ”updateEventStatus” technical workflow is not running
  • C. The Confirm delivery before sending” setting is on
  • D. The environment being called does not have he expected eventType.

Answer: C

A customer reports that the campaign workflows are not running. When restarting or starting workflows the status changes to as Start/Restart requested and the Start. Pause buttons are disabled.
The Architect notices that all process are running as expected in the Monitoring Tab.
What is causing the issue?

  • A. The watchlog process was not started due to a configuration error.
  • B. The campaign end date is in the past and therefore cannot start the workflow in it.
  • C. The wfserver process is set to autoStart” ”false in the config-instance.xml file.
  • D. The operation Mgt workflow is not running and has been paused or failed.

Answer: C

This issue occurs when the wfserver process is not set to automatically start when the server is restarted. This means that the workflows will not run unless the wfserver process is manually started. The Start/Restart button will be disabled and the process will not run until it is manually started.


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