2023 Oracle Professional 1Z0-908: Exam Dumps MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Pdf

2023 Oracle Professional 1Z0-908: Exam Dumps MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Pdf

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Who should take the Oracle 1Z0-908: MySQL 8.0 Database Exam

This course is designed for Database Administrators and Database production Systems Administrators.

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As a certified MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator, you will be able to efficiently manage and maintain databases, thereby ensuring the smooth running of businesses. This certification also opens up various career opportunities, including database administrator roles in companies dealing with big data, e-commerce, finance, and more. With Oracle 1Z0-908 certification, you can showcase your proficiency in MySQL database administration and take your career to new heights.

To be eligible for the Oracle 1Z0-908 certification exam, candidates must have a minimum of two years of experience as a MySQL database administrator. They must also possess a strong understanding of database administration concepts and have practical experience working with MySQL databases. The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and has a duration of 105 minutes. Candidates must score at least 64% to pass the exam and earn the certification. Upon successful completion of the exam, individuals will be recognized as Oracle Certified MySQL 8.0 Database Administrators, demonstrating their expertise and proficiency in managing MySQL databases.

Oracle MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Sample Questions (Q137-Q142):

You have configured MySQL Enterprise Monitor to monitor your MySQL server.
Which four features are available? (Choose four.)

  • A. deploying the MySQL agent on supported target operating system
  • B. tracing import and export with mysqidump
  • C. analyzing executed MySQL queries
  • D. creating e-mail alerts and SNMP traps for MySQL warnings
  • E. monitoring of NDB Cluster API nodes
  • F. starting and stopping the MySQL instance
  • G. monitoring the availability of the MySQL instance

Answer: B,C,D,G

t is a non-empty InnoDB table.
Examine these statements, which are executed in one session:
Which is true?

  • A. If OPTIMIZE TABLE; is invoked, it will create a table lock on t and force a transaction rollback.
  • B. mysqlcheck –analyze –all-databases will execute normally on all tables and return a report.
  • C. If ANALYZE TABLE; is invoked from the same session, it hangs until the transaction is committed or rolled back.
  • D. If OPTIMIZE LOCAL TABLE t; is invoked from another session, it executes normally and returns the status.

Answer: D

Where is the default data directory located after installing MySQL using RPM on Oracle Linux 7?

  • A. /etc/my.cnf
  • B. /usr
  • C. /var/lib/mysql
  • D. /usr/bin
  • E. /usr/mysql

Answer: C

You made some table definition changes to a schema in your MySQL Server.
Which two statements reflect how MySQL Server handles the table definition changes? (Choose two.)

  • A. The metadata is serialized in JSON format in Serialized Dictionary Information (SDI).
  • B. MySQL keeps InnoDB metadata changes in .sdi files in datadir.
  • C. MySQL implicitly executes FLUSH TABLES and stores a snapshot backup of the metadata.
  • D. MySQL writes SDI to the binary log for distributed backups.
  • E. MySQL Server stores a copy of the serialized data in the InnoDB user tablespace.

Answer: A,E

You have a MySQL system with 500 GB of data that needs frequent backups.
You use a mix of MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines for your data.
Examine your backup requirement:
* The MySQL system being backed up can never be unavailable or locked to the client applications.
* The recovery from the backup must work on any system.
* Only 1 hour of data can be lost on recovery of the backup.
Which option fulfills all backup requirements?

  • A. Take your backup from a slave of the MySQL system.
  • B. Use the Clone Plugin to copy the data to another MySQL system.
  • C. Take a physical backup of the MySQL system.
  • D. Take a logical backup of the MySQL system.

Answer: D


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