1z0-1096-22 Examcollection Free Dumps – Oracle Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Database 2022 Specialist – High Pass-Rate Reliable 1z0-1096-22 Test Cram

1z0-1096-22 Examcollection Free Dumps – Oracle Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Database 2022 Specialist – High Pass-Rate Reliable 1z0-1096-22 Test Cram

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The Oracle 1z0-1096-22 Exam is an excellent way for professionals to demonstrate their expertise in machine learning and Oracle technologies. By passing this exam, they can enhance their career prospects and gain recognition as a qualified specialist in this field.

The Oracle 1z0-1096-22 exam is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 60 questions. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam. The exam covers various topics, including Oracle Autonomous Database, machine learning algorithms, data preprocessing, model building, and model evaluation. The exam is available in English and Japanese languages.

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The Oracle 1z0-1096-22 certification exam covers a range of topics related to machine learning using the Oracle Autonomous Database, including data preparation, feature engineering, model training and evaluation, and deployment. To pass the exam, candidates must demonstrate knowledge and practical skills in these areas, as well as an understanding of the best practices for working with the Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Database 2022 Specialist Sample Questions (Q71-Q76):

In an Oracle Machine Learning notebook, which is the correct syntax for starting a SQL script in Scratchpad?

  • A. Ssql
  • B. #sql
  • C. %sql
  • D. @sql

Answer: C

An OML AutoML UI Experiment is a work unit that minimally contains the definition of which three options?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Prediction Type
  • B. Algorithm
  • C. Data Source
  • D. Prediction Target
  • E. Parameters

Answer: A,C,D


Which statement is FALSE about Oracle Machine Learning (OML) Notebooks?

  • A. You can share notebooks with Import/Export operations.
  • B. When visualizing a 1 million row database data using the built-in Zeppelin visualizers, OML will by default display the results on the entire table.
  • C. Within notebook paragraphs you can switch between data views of tables, pie charts, bar charts, line plots and scatter plots.
  • D. You can set the output format in SQL paragraphs of a notebook.

Answer: B

Which three are unsupervised machine learning algorithms?

  • A. Logistical Regression
  • B. Naive Bayes
  • C. K-means clustering
  • D. Association rule
  • E. Random Forest
  • F. Principal Component Analysis

Answer: C,D,F

Unsupervised machine learning uses a more independent approach, in which a computer learns to identify complex processes and patterns without a human providing close, constant guidance. Unsupervised machine learning involves training based on data that does not have labels or a specific, defined output. To continue the childhood teaching analogy, unsupervised machine learning is akin to a child learning to identify fruit by observing colors and patterns, rather than memorizing the names with a teacher’s help. The child would look for similarities between images and separate them into groups, assigning each group its own new label. Examples of unsupervised machine learning algorithms include k-means clustering, principal and independent component analysis, and association rules.

Examine the output:


Answer: A


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