1z0-1056-22基礎訓練 & 1z0-1056-22模擬対策

1z0-1056-22基礎訓練 & 1z0-1056-22模擬対策

無料でクラウドストレージから最新のIt-Passports 1z0-1056-22 PDFダンプをダウンロードする:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wJmUFAnvTCG0RF2ndVCYmsR4x7SJrgJX


Oracle 1z0-1056-22 認定試験は、Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2022 を実装する専門家の専門知識を検証する絶好の機会です。この認定を取得することで、専門家はキャリアの展望を向上させ、同僚や雇用者から認められ、持続的な学習と専門的な開発への取り組みを示すことができます。

試験は60問の多肢選択問題からなり、105分以内に完了する必要があります。試験で扱われるトピックは、Oracle Financials Cloud Receivables Overview、Receivables Setup、Core Receivables Processing、Advanced Receivables Processing、Receipts and Remittance Processing、Reporting and Analyticsなどが含まれます。この試験に合格することで、候補者がOracle Financials Cloud:Receivables 2022 Implementationの包括的な理解を持ち、現実世界の環境でこのソリューションを実装できる能力を持っていることが証明されます。

>> 1z0-1056-22基礎訓練 <<

1z0-1056-22模擬対策 & 1z0-1056-22テストサンプル問題

It-Passportsの専門家チームがOracleの1z0-1056-22認証試験に対して最新の短期有効なトレーニングプログラムを研究しました。Oracleの1z0-1056-22「Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2022 Implementation Professional」認証試験に参加者に対して30時間ぐらいの短期の育成訓練でらくらくに勉強しているうちに多くの知識を身につけられます。

Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2022 Implementation Professional 認定 1z0-1056-22 試験問題 (Q54-Q59):

質問 # 54
Your Cloud client has decided to use Channel Revenue Management Integration with Receivables for Claim creation and Settlements created by Spreadsheet or SOAP services.
Which three setup steps are predefined for this feature? (Choose three.)

  • A. predefined Channel Revenue Management transaction source
  • B. predefined Channel Revenue Management auto accounting type
  • C. predefined Claim Investigation activity type under Receivables Activities
  • D. predefined Channel Revenue Management transaction type
  • E. predefined Subledger Journal Entry Rule for the Event Class Receipt and Accounting Class Claim Investigation


質問 # 55
What are the two locations where the system can look for Receipt Match By Value when Receivables applies customer payments automatically for manually created receipts? (Choose two.)

  • A. Customer
  • B. AutoMatch Rule
  • C. Receipt Method
  • D. System Options


質問 # 56
Which setup is required to ensure that the same tax is applied on both intercompany payable and intercompany receivable invoices?

  • A. Receiver and provider business units and legal entities must be subscribed to the applicable tax regime on the transaction date.
  • B. Same tax rate code must be populated in Intercompany System Options for both Payables and Receivables invoices.
  • C. Intercompany invoicing must be enabled in Receivables System Options.
  • D. Intercompany invoicing must be enabled in Payables Invoice Options.


質問 # 57
Which three attributes are displayed in the detail table of the Balance forward Bill infotile? (Choose three.)

  • A. Billing date
  • B. Amount due on Bill
  • C. Due date
  • D. Past due Amount
  • E. Collector


質問 # 58
Your customer has three sites defined in the system, site 1, site 2, and site 3. All sites have their own billing strategy defined and Balance Forward Billing is enabled for site 1 and Site 2 at the account level.
How will bills be generated?

  • A. Sites 1, 2, and 3 activities will be included in a single bill.
  • B. Sites 1 and 2 activities will be included in a single bill.
  • C. Sites 1 and 3 activities will be included in a single bill.
  • D. Sites 2 and 3 activities will be included in a single bill.


質問 # 59


1z0-1056-22模擬対策: https://www.it-passports.com/1z0-1056-22.html

P.S.It-PassportsがGoogle Driveで共有している無料の2023 Oracle 1z0-1056-22ダンプ:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wJmUFAnvTCG0RF2ndVCYmsR4x7SJrgJX

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