13 Powerful Graphic Design Tricks and Ideas!

13 Powerful Graphic Design Tricks and Ideas!

Graphic designers are always coming up with creative and sometimes counterintuitive ways to improve their designs. While these techniques may be obvious to the more experienced members of the design community, we’ve put together a list of 10 graphics design tricks and ideas you can use in your projects, whether you’re just getting started or have been doing it for years. These tricks from the creative design agency Sydney can be used alone or combined with others to create mind-blowing results! 

1) Use Typography 

Typography is one of those aspects of design that can be used to emphasize a specific message or simply draw attention. Typography can be easy on your eyes, meaning you’ll focus more on what you’re reading. 

2) Start With White Space 

As a general rule in Sydney’s graphic design agency, you want to keep your backgrounds as white or blank as possible. Using a lot of negative space can help give your designs visual weight, making them seem more significant. 

3) Use Transparency 

Adding transparency effects can help your design stand out. Transparency is one of those things that designers often forget about but can be surprisingly effective at spicing up a design. 

4) Use Grids 

Grids from graphic design company Sydney help ensure your design will always be consistent, no matter which part of a document or webpage you’re working on. 

5) Add Call-to-Actions in Every Image 

Do you want your viewers to take an action? Add a CTA (call-to-action) button directly in your images.  

The psychology behind visual cues is that people usually don’t read text; instead, they look at images for about 6–8 seconds before moving on. Be sure that your image incorporates a clear call to action so you maximize its conversion potential. 

6) Use White Images 

Many think of white as a color, but it is technically considered an absence of color. When creating a design, try placing a white image on a colored background. This gives your viewers more focus on what’s important in your design (the white) rather than being distracted by what’s behind it.  

7) Add Lines to Images 

Lining up objects makes it easier for viewers to make sense of your design, so think about that when you’re composing a photo. You don’t need Photoshop or any advanced photo editing skills, but there are a few quick tricks you can use in your standard image editor (like GIMP) that make it a whole lot easier to line everything up. The first trick is creating guides on top of your photos before editing. 

8) Brighten/Darken The Background Color Based On The Image Colors 

Many images come in two versions, with an extra dark or light version that is lighter or darker than a normal version. If your background is light, you can make it even lighter by using a dark version of your image as a background.  

9) Create A Sense of Depth To Emphasize Important Elements Within The Image 

One way that you can emphasize an element within a graphic is by incorporating depth. This, however, may be one of those things that sounds easier than it is. 

10) Divide And Conquer (For A Busy Layout) 

Sometimes, we are faced with a layout that is overloaded with elements. Here’s an easy trick: select all parts of your design, duplicate them via CTRL+J or CMD+J (depending on your OS), hide those copies by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+H, and work with just one part of your document.  

11) You may want to consider using contrasting fonts for emphasis. 

Though pairing contrasting fonts can be risky, it’s a creative way to make your text stand out. Here’s how it works: choose two different fonts that contrast with one another in style, weight, and width. 

12) As a Design Tip, Match Colors 

There are tons of different color schemes out there, but a good rule of thumb is to match colors within your designs. 

13) Your Photos Belong in a Grid 

Grids are one of those design tricks that you should have on standby. They can help make your images more organized, giving them a clear focal point.  


As graphic designers, we’re always working to perfect our skills and get the edge over the competition. Whether you’re just starting in your design career or have been working at it for decades, there are certain things you can do to ensure you’re always at the top of your game – things that will not only help you make more money with your work but will also help you succeed faster than everyone else in this highly competitive industry. 



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