11 Programming Podcasts to Follow to Become a Pro

11 Programming Podcasts to Follow to Become a Pro

Do you feel the same?

Earlier podcasts were used to entertain people with news, comedies, stories, and entertainment-based interviews. Then very few people were aware of that, but recently the demands for podcasts are snowballing.

Now podcasts are useful learning material for students. So, skip listening to music all the time. Instead, spend your time on programming podcasts.

Undoubtedly, you will learn a lot.

Top 11 Programming Podcasts to Follow in 2022

If you are a 90s kid, you may have familiar with radio programmes. Online podcasts are made following radio-style audio. Most online programming podcasts are free and easily available on the internet. These podcasts are an innovative way to extract new and high-quality learning information while doing house chores or other work. You can hire a programming assignment help service online to finish your assignments right on time and listen to podcasts to learn difficult topics easily.


Today, podcasting is an essential medium for gathering knowledge. Various colleges and universities have their own podcasts on different subjects. Although very few programmers listen to podcasts now. But the most exciting thing is that the graph is constantly changing and going up!

So, here are the best programming podcasts available on the internet.

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  1. Developer Tea

“A podcast for developers designed to fit inside your tea break.”

It is the main motto of a podcast, and ‘Developer Tea’ is doing a great job here. They upload a new programming podcast every two or three days, which is a maximum of 20 minutes long. So, it’s no big deal to listen to podcasts when taking a break from your study or writing assignment. People love ‘Developer Tea” podcasts because they work on topics like interview preparations, how to build great relationships with a new client, difficulties when developing a code, etc. You can download all the episodes because their qualities are excellent.

  1. Software Engineering Radio

If you want to become a professional developer, Software Engineering Radio can be beneficial for you. Software Engineering Radio is popular among pro developers because it focuses on the industry’s most innovative and trending developing topics. Till now, the website has more than 500 podcasts. So, you have adequate options to listen to. The main target audience of this website is software engineering students. If you are one of them, you can learn topics like data structure, algorithms, computer programming, and many more. So, download the episodes you want to listen to.

  1. Voices of the elePHPant

If you desire to be a part of the top PHP community, ‘Voices of the elePHPant’ podcasts can help you with this. The top PHP experts are here to provide significant insights through interviews and podcasts.

If you also feel the same, try listening to the ‘Voice of the elePHPant’ podcasts. The founder, Carl Evans, made this website with a totally different purpose: to offer PHP literacy and strengthen the PHP community. You will get a lot of insights after listening to the best PHP influencers.

  1. Front End Happy Hour

Since 2016 ‘Front End Happy Hour’ making the new developers proud of themselves by offering top-notch discussions on JavaScript, career development, web development, etc. The website welcomes guests from top companies such as Apple, twitch, LinkedIn, Netflix, Evernote, etc., and they talk about a specific topic over their preferable happy hour drinks.

Until now, the website has more than 150 podcast episodes. In addition, they upload new podcasts bi-weekly basis.

  1. Shop Talk Show

‘Shop Talk Show’ also offers the same kind of discussions through their podcasts. They also offer the industry’s top developers’ insights through interview sessions. ‘Shop Talk Show’ focuses on UI/UX design, front-end development, web development, etc. The most important thing they do is answer the audience’s questions so that you can connect with the show easily.

If you want a top developer career, listen to the ‘Shop Talk Show’ podcasts.

  1. Boag world

Paul Boag founded ‘Boag World,’ which offers interesting podcasts on a variety of development-related subjects. Every Thursday, live on air, Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington join a panel of industry professionals to explore the most pressing problems developers face.

The sessions are especially for programming students, as they are extremely educational and worthwhile to listen to because they offer in-depth information about the tech industry.

  1. That Podcast

Pick “That Podcast” if you’re looking to attend a discussion that combines entertaining listening with useful tech learning. Beau Simensen and Dave Marshall, two tech industry veterans who enjoy discussing interactive development-related issues and provide helpful, in-depth materials to newbie developers, founded it.

Core development themes are covered in the podcast, along with some in-the-moment conversations with well-known industry figures.

  1. Eat Sleep Work Repeat

‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’ is an excellent resource for managing work ethics and culture because it is ranked as the top podcast on the official Apple Podcasts page. The host of the podcast, Bruce Daisley, conducts frequent interviews with various therapists, neuroscientists, and other experts regarding their work ethics. According to reviews from podcast listeners, the sessions are quite interactive and provide insightful information on how to manage the social and professional working values in any business.

  1. JavaScript Jabber

‘JavaScript Jabber’ upload their podcasts every week. They mainly focus on programming languages, coding patterns, and techniques, JavaScript frameworks, etc.

  1. Front-End Five

Code school’s ‘Front-End Five’ initiative is a weekly-based five-minute podcast that covers all the hot news in the web-development industry. This even includes local community events.

  1. CodePen radio

‘CodePen Radio’ can help if you’re looking to launch your own software company or startup. The co-founders of ‘CodePen,’ Chris Coyier, Alex Vazquez, and Tim Sabat, discuss how basic concepts can grow into successful companies. Over 80 episodes are available to watch, and a new show debuts about once each week. If you want to learn about code debugging or any development-related topics, the outstanding minds of the programming industry will provide solutions to you through ‘CodePen Radio’ podcasts.

Any top developer will recommend this website for listening to podcasts to you.

Final Thoughts,

If you are here now, you have completed reading the entire post. I hope it has helped you to find out the top programming podcasts available online. So, you can subscribe to them and add them to your daily schedule.

Make sure you listen to them whenever you get some extra time. Try to make some notes after listening. You can also download the audio files to listen to later.

Undoubtedly, they will add extra value to your journey of becoming a professional programmer.

So, make use of these programming podcasts well and put a step forward toward your dream.


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