100% Pass P3 – High-quality Exam Risk Management Bootcamp

100% Pass P3 – High-quality Exam Risk Management Bootcamp

No doubt the Risk Management certification exam is one of the most difficult ITExamSimulator CIMA certification exams in the modern ITExamSimulator world. This P3 exam always gives a tough time to their candidates. It is hard to pass without in-depth P3 exam preparation. The ITExamSimulator understands this challenge and offers real, valid, and top-notch P3 Exam Dumps in three different formats. These formats are P3 PDF dumps files, desktop practice test software, and web-based practice test software.

CIMA P3: Risk Management is an advanced-level exam that is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills in risk management. The exam is offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and is one of the core exams in the Professional Level of the CIMA qualification. The exam is intended for individuals who are seeking a career in risk management, internal auditing, or corporate governance.

The CIMA P3 certification exam is an important credential for professionals seeking to advance their careers in risk management. This exam is ideal for those who are responsible for managing risks within their organization, such as risk managers, internal auditors, and consultants. It is also suitable for those who are interested in pursuing a career in risk management.

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The exam is designed for professionals who have prior knowledge of management accounting and financial analysis. Candidates who have completed the CIMA P1 and P2 exams will have an advantage in this exam, as it builds upon the principles learned in these exams. However, individuals who have not completed these exams can still take the CIMA P3 exam, as it is a stand-alone qualification.

CIMA Risk Management Sample Questions (Q107-Q112):

Which of the following best describes the relevance of value at risk (VaR) as a decision tool?

  • A. VaR quantifies past volatility
  • B. VaR quantifies future volatility
  • C. VaR quantifies the maximum loss that could ever be incurred
  • D. VaR can only measure downside risk

Answer: A

X has just set up a small public relations company. The company is growing last and already has eight employees. X”s accountant has said she needs to make sure she has good internal controls.
X disagrees and says that there are very few issues that could cause weaknesses in internal control in her type of business.
Which THREE of the following statements are correct?

  • A. internal controls could stop the company getting good new clients as it will slow down the process by having more checks in place
  • B. Only manufacturing companies need internal controls
  • C. Employees can try to circumvent internal controls
  • D. The employees may feel they are not trusted if more controls are put in place
  • E. X ill usually be working in the office so there is no risk of any fraud. Therefore, the company does not need internal controls
  • F. A small business which has just started up does not need internal controls.

Answer: A,C,D

D has decided to invest in a new factory at a cost of $6,000,000. The discount rate of the project is 22% and the PV of tax shield is $80,000.
What is the IRR?
Give your answer to two decimal places.



GHY is a listed company. Tom is GHY’s CEO and Peter is its non-executive Chair of the Board. Tom and Peter both have substantial relevant business and industrial experience and both are believed to have considerable integrity. Tom and Peter quickly developed a good working relationship after Peter’s appointment. They have become close friends.
Tom briefs Peter on every aspect of the business. Tom and Peter jointly agree the agenda for every board meeting and both agree on the manner in which matters will be presented to the board.
Taking account of the principles of good corporate governance, which of the following statements is correct?

  • A. Since the non-executive chair clearly has a significant role within this company there is little danger that any individual will become excessively dominant.
  • B. The relationship between Peter and Tom may have a detrimental effect on company decision making as the Board is not always being informed about matters in an unbiased manner.
  • C. Non-contentious board meetings show how well Tom and Peter are running the company and shows that the management is cohesive.
  • D. It is entirely appropriate that Tom and Peter have this kind of relationship and both are acting in the best interests of the company.

Answer: B

Which of the following statements concerning the use of balanced scorecards to measure divisional performance is correct?

  • A. The input for balanced scorecard reports comes from many sources so it is not possible to misrepresent performance.
  • B. Dysfunctional behaviour is more difficult than under traditional reporting because a wide range of factors will be measured and reported.
  • C. Dysfunctional behaviour is impossible because divisional managers are evaluated on so many different decisions.
  • D. Contradictory and inconsistent targets prevent balanced scorecards being a useful tool for performance evaluation.

Answer: B


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