10 Ways Caroline Forbes Changed From Season 1 To Her Last Episode

10 Ways Caroline Forbes Changed From Season 1 To Her Last Episode

The Vampire Diaries The Vampire Diaries, Caroline Forbes also known as the character Miss Mystic Falls in her own right, was some of the biggest character development arcs becoming a cult favorite.

Recently, it was revealed it was announced that It was announced that the Vampire Diaries spinoff, Legacies was cancelled. Although TVD fans were pleased that the universe would carry through with the spinoff Hope Mikaelson’s character was never as well-known as the original show’s characters. Caroline Forbes, in particular is a must-see element of The Vampire Diaries universe. Many fans want the most beloved vampire Barbie to take on her role in the series for the final appearance on Legacies.

In the course of her time on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was transformed from an annoying bestie to an important character that was missed each time she was not on screen. Her story was filled with moments of highs and lows, but she always emerged victorious from the other end.

As an ex- Miss Mystic, Caroline was committed to her home town. She wasn’t aspired to travelling the world, and was content in her home however, her life was different for her. In the beginning she was forced to quit Mystic Falls after the no-magic boundaries were enforced in the town and the supernaturals began dying.

However, she was within the borders. Following that she was forced to leave the country due in part to her participation in the Heretic deal and Rayna Cruz. So, she resided at Dallas during three consecutive years, along with Alaric and the children. After that, she came back in Mystic Falls to establish the school she had designed for gifted kids and that’s where she last appeared on TVD.

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In the course of the show, vampirism was portrayed as the most horrible curse anyone could ever experience, even though it had the wonderful benefits of supernatural healing, the ability to live forever, control of your mind and incredible power. Every human that turned around suffered but not Forbes. Forbes.

Caroline’s pettiness and insecurity went away when Katherine took her down, then she came back as a completely different person. This was just a way of proving that her flaws were just a coverfor her, and she was a more mature person, which was amplified by death. She was able to manage her impulses and feed effectively, and grow stronger quickly for someone who was just starting out.

Abusing physically and emotionally Caroline was among the most harmful things Damon has ever done however she learned to fight back against him, especially when she was turned. She wasn’t able to easily accept the older Salvatore for his treatment as she made sure she was aware that he hadn’t forgotten it so easily.

In addition, thanks to her abilities as a vampire Caroline was able to defend herself and therefore wasn’t forced or bullied around with the same ease. Only at the final stage, when Stefan’s wife was as well after Damon had repaid her debts for her crime, did she form an alliance with the oldest Salvatore brother.

The vampires of TVD were definitely unconventional and Caroline was one of them who was able to become pregnant. It happened by magic and the Gemini coven having Jo’s twins inside her, and it also gave her the status of a mother, which was something that a teen Caroline would have never imagined.

There was no sense that she was an adopted mom to these children and, the only time that Alaric made her feel this way, she placed Alaric in the same position. Josie as well as Lizzie were her children and she cared for them with care.

Caroline’s character was transformed for the better after she turned into a supernatural creature. It is likely that this compassionate and kind Caroline was hidden beneath layers of parent issues She only came out when Katherine committed the sinful act of altering her appearance.

Caroline has stopped wanting to look at her life in comparison to Elena’s or to compete to be the top of their friends group. As she grew older, she began helping Elena as well as Bonnie.

In high school, Caroline talked about her wedding day in June to Stefan Salvatore, little did she realize that the exact event would occur to her only two years later further on. Caroline discovered a deep and lasting affection for Stefan and they vowed their love to one another. Unfortunately, they didn’t get any time.

Stefan was the one to break the circle by taking his own life and let Damon continue to live his human life. This was something Caroline was able to accept and understood. Thus she was widowed as quickly when she got married.

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As with all the other characters in the series, Caroline lost her entire family members, however her loss was surprising. She was her father and mother for a while on the show, however Bill was transformed into vampire and would not transform, and died somewhere between.

Liz Forbes’ death was one of the most painful deaths of the deaths in TVD because , despite the supernatural forces that surrounded her, she passed away because of a completely human reason that was cancer.


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