10 types of screws made by the best socket head bolt manufacturer

10 types of screws made by the best socket head bolt manufacturer

Screws are unsung heroes in building houses, skyscrapers, bridges, vehicles, computers, industrial & medical equipment, etc. Though small, they play a critical role in holding many components together tight and strong for a long time. Many do not give due importance to these screws, without which building many things is impossible. Buying them from the top screw manufacturing company will ensure their high-quality lasts long and avoids any damage. There are many types of it to buy from the best socket head bolt manufacturer


Hence this article will discuss the many screw types and their benefits for bonding many components together in many applications in several sectors.


Why buy screws from the best socket head bolt manufacturer?


Though there are many hypotheses of the time when they started using screws, the pictorial evidence dates back to 300 BC. For over two thousand years, screws evolved to be useful for joining many things together. But it is only during the last three industrial revolutions screws become indispensable for many applications. Though many use the terms screws and bolts interchangeably, many features and uses differ. Unlike bolts that need nuts to fasten two parts, screws do it by fixing using holes without nuts. Also, there are many screw types depending on the material, size, shape, use and others. 

Hence it is important to buy them from the best socket head bolt manufacturer to be rust-free, with enough strength suitable for specific applications and long-lasting durability. 


Ten types of screws made by the best screw manufacturing company


Fasteners, especially screws for thousands of years, have helped build many things for people to live better lives. From roof over the head to vehicles for moving from one place to another, screws are essential needs. But with many industrial revolutions modernizing the world in many ways, the need for different screws becomes essential. Depending on the screw geometry that includes the head, body and thread, along with many other factors, there are many screw types. Only the best screw manufacturing company can produce all these screws, including customized ones per specific needs. The following are the many screw types for the users to choose the right one per their requirements and budget. 


  • Socket head screws have an internal drive or hexagonal socket in the head that needs a special key, like an Allen key, to tighten or loosen it.


  • Self-drilling screws do not require holes as it has the essential features to drill a hole to join things together to have many benefits.


  • Machine screws, though smaller, up to 19.05mm or 0.75 inches are ideal for joining many products, surfaces, artefacts and others 


  • Hex cap screws, as per ASME standards, range in size from 0.25 to 3 inches or 6.35 to 76.2 mm in diameter and with a hexagonal-shaped head for easy and quick tightening and loosening.


  • Flathead screws are countersunk screws with a flat top with a drive and tapered heads to penetrate the objects to make them not visible above the surface.


  • Pan head screws are non-countersunk screw types with a flat surface and wide chamfered heads used in the automobile sector.


  • The oval head screw is a countersunk screw with a round symmetric head used for decorative purposes as it provides an aesthetic finish.


  • Truss head screws, aka mushroom head screws, are non-countersunk screws with an extra-wide rounded surface more than the pan head screw with the same length.


  • Roundhead screws are non-countersunk screws like truss head screws but with a lesser round head area.


  • Philips drive screw patented in 1930 provides four-point contact with better torque transmission and needs a special screwdriver.


Super Screws, the leading screw manufacturing company in India for the past forty years, has produced all the above screw types and more with high quality at affordable costs. 


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