在我們的网站中,你可以獲得關于 ISTQB CT-TAE 考古題的培訓工具。我們的IT精英團隊會及時為你提供準確以及詳細的關于 ISTQB CT-TAE 考古題的培訓材料。通過使用我們提供的學習材料以及考試練習題和答案,能確保你第一次參加 ISTQB CT-TAE 考古題認證考試時挑戰成功,而且不用花費大量時間和精力來準備考試。如果在考試過程中變題了,考生可以享受全額退費或一年內更新考題的服務,保障了考生的權利。

ISTQB CT-TAE(Certified Tester Test Automation Engineer)考試是全球認可的認證,旨在驗證軟件測試專業人員在測試自動化領域的知識和技能。這項認證由國際軟件測試資格認證委員會(ISTQB)提供,該組織是軟件測試認證領域的世界領先組織。CT-TAE考試是為那些希望專攻測試自動化並展示其在這一領域的能力的專業人士而設計的。

ISTQB CT-TAE(認證測試自動化工程師)考試是一個認證計劃,旨在幫助個人獲得測試自動化工程方面的全面知識和技能。該課程適用於參與軟件測試和開發的專業人士,負責設計、開發和維護測試自動化解決方案。該計劃涵蓋了各種主題,包括測試自動化框架、脚本語言、測試自動化工具以及測試自動化的最佳實踐。

>> CT-TAE學習筆記 <<

有效的CT-TAE學習筆記擁有模擬真實考試環境與場境的軟件VCE版本&完美的ISTQB CT-TAE

CT-TAE考古題被大多數考生證明是有效的,通過很多IT認證考試的考生使用之后得出,能使考生在短時間內掌握最新的ISTQB CT-TAE考試相關知識。由高級認證專家不斷完善出最新版的CT-TAE考古題資料,他們的研究結果可以100%保證您成功通過CT-TAE考試,獲得認證,這是非常有效的題庫資料。一些通過CT-TAE考試的考生成為了我們的回頭客,他們說選擇VCESoft就意味著選擇成功。

ISTQB CT-TAE 認證考試旨在為希望展示其自動化測試工程能力的個人設計。此認證在軟件測試領域被全球認可為卓越的標準衡量標準,非常適合對軟件測試充滿熱情並希望擴展其知識和技能的專業人士。

最新的 Test Automation Engineer CT-TAE 免費考試真題 (Q27-Q32):

問題 #27
You identified a suitable project to pilot an automation tool and planned and conduced a pilot. The pilot has been successful and tool Is being deployed within your organization, with a plan to increase tool use by the one project at a time. During this rollout some test processes will be changed slightly to gain additional benefits from using the tool.
In the pilot project, a small set of manual tests were automated for the first time. You are currently monitoring the test automation efficiency and this reveals that the automation regime for the tests is not yet mature.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?

  • A. The pilot project should have been critical so that maximum benefits were delivered
  • B. The test process should be radically changed to gain additional benefits from using the tool.
  • C. The approach used for deployed this tool is aligned to the standard success factor for deployment
  • D. The target defined for the project was inappropriate, because the automation regime for the automated tests at the end of the pilot is not yet mature.


問題 #28
You are using a gTAA to create a TAS for a project. The TAS is aimed specifically at automating a suit of existing manual test cases for standalone desktop applications. All the interfaces between the TAS and SUT will be from the CUI of the application.
Which of the following layers of the gTAA should you focus on for the TAS?

  • A. The Test Execution layer
  • B. The Test Adaption layer
  • C. The test Generation layer
  • D. The Test Definition layer


問題 #29
What is NOT a factor in considering when you are asked to ensure an effective transition from manual to automated tests?

  • A. The controllability of the SUT
  • B. Correctness of test data and test cases
  • C. Complexity to automate the manual test cases
  • D. The look and feel of the SUT


問題 #30
You are implementing test automation for a project and you want to be able to generate test cases automatically using a series of test design tools which use a variety of test design techniques such as decision tables, pairwise testing and boundary value analysis.
You also want to generate test data automatically which can then be used by the tests.
Initially these tests will be run manually to verify their correctness and ultimately you want to include them in the test execution tool so that they can run unattended.
Which layer of the gTAA will be used to support the specification of the test cases and preparation of the test data?

  • A. The adaptation layer
  • B. The generation layer
  • C. The execution layer
  • D. The definition layer


問題 #31
Consider a TAS associated to dynamically changing software frequent releases. Your goal is to determine the amount of effort required to maintain the automated tests of the regression test suite for each new release of the SUT.
What is the MOST important metric to collect to achieve your goal?

  • A. The code coverage achieved with the automated tests, for each new release of the SUT
  • B. The number of automated tests which fail because of a single software defect, for each new release of the SUT
  • C. The number of automated tests requiring maintenance, for each new release of the SUT.
  • D. The time it takes to execute all the automated tests, for each new release of the SUT.


問題 #32

CT-TAE考題資訊: https://www.vcesoft.com/CT-TAE-pdf.html

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