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Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineer試験に合格して関連認定を取得する場合、試験の準備をするための信頼できる試験ツールを見つける必要があります。それが、Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineer準備ガイドをお勧めしたい理由です。これがあなたが探しているものだと信じているからです。さらに、データ保護法を提供し、Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineerガイド急流を購入した後、ウイルスの侵入や情報漏えいに悩まされないことをGoogle保証します。最後になりましたが、ダウンロードと分割払いに関するガイダンスをリモートで提供するGoogle Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam専門家グループがあります。

Google Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineer試験は、クラウドセキュリティの専門家にとって高い基準を設定する厳格な認証です。これは、個人がクラウドリソースを確保する際の専門知識を実証し、IT業界でのキャリアの見通しを強化する優れた方法です。


PCSE試験は、GCPでの経験を持ち、クラウドセキュリティに関する知識とスキルを証明することを目的としているセキュリティプロフェッショナルを対象としています。候補者は、セキュリティ原則やベストプラクティスの強い理解が必要であり、Compute Engine、App Engine、Kubernetes Engine、Cloud StorageなどのGCPサービスに関する経験が必要です。

>> Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineerトレーリング学習 <<


GoogleのProfessional-Cloud-Security-Engineer試験クイズを選択するのは賢明な決定です。この決定は将来の開発に大きな影響を与える可能性があるためです。 証明書を持っていることは、あなたが常に夢見ていたことかもしれません。 Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineer試験問題は、Pass4Test質の高いサービスを提供し、証明書の取得に役立ちます。 当社のProfessional-Cloud-Security-Engineer学習教材は、長年の実践的な努力の後に作成されており、そのGoogle Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam品質は実践テストに耐えることができます。 そして、あなたはProfessional-Cloud-Security-Engineer学習ガイドのためだけにProfessional-Cloud-Security-Engineer認定を取得します。

Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam 認定 Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineer 試験問題 (Q56-Q61):

質問 # 56
When working with agents in a support center via online chat, an organization’s customers often share pictures of their documents with personally identifiable information (PII). The organization that owns the support center is concerned that the PII is being stored in their databases as part of the regular chat logs they retain for review by internal or external analysts for customer service trend analysis.
Which Google Cloud solution should the organization use to help resolve this concern for the customer while still maintaining data utility?

  • A. Use Object Lifecycle Management to make sure that all chat records with PII in them are discarded and not saved for analysis.
  • B. Use the generalization and bucketing actions of the DLP API solution to redact PII from the texts before storing them for analysis.
  • C. Use Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt the PII data shared by customers before storing it for analysis.
  • D. Use the image inspection and redaction actions of the DLP API to redact PII from the images before storing them for analysis.


Reference; https://cloud.google.com/dlp/docs/deidentify-sensitive-data

質問 # 57
You are creating an internal App Engine application that needs to access a user’s Google Drive on the user’s behalf. Your company does not want to rely on the current user’s credentials. It also wants to follow Google-recommended practices.
What should you do?

  • A. Create a new Service account, and add all application users to a Google Group. Give this group the role of Service Account User.
  • B. Create a new Service account, and give all application users the role of Service Account User.
  • C. Use a dedicated G Suite Admin account, and authenticate the application’s operations with these G Suite credentials.
  • D. Create a new service account, and grant it G Suite domain-wide delegation. Have the application use it to impersonate the user.


質問 # 58
A business unit at a multinational corporation signs up for GCP and starts moving workloads into GCP. The business unit creates a Cloud Identity domain with an organizational resource that has hundreds of projects.
Your team becomes aware of this and wants to take over managing permissions and auditing the domain resources.
Which type of access should your team grant to meet this requirement?

  • A. Organization Policy Administrator
  • B. Organization Administrator
  • C. Organization Role Administrator
  • D. Security Reviewer


Here are the permissions available to organizationRoleAdmin
There are sufficient as per least privilege policy. You can do user management as well as auditing.

質問 # 59
You want to limit the images that can be used as the source for boot disks. These images will be stored in a dedicated project.
What should you do?

  • A. In Resource Manager, edit the project permissions for the trusted project. Add the organization as member with the role: Compute Image User.
  • B. Use the Organization Policy Service to create a compute.trustedimageProjects constraint on the organization level. List the trusted project as the whitelist in an allow operation.
  • C. In Resource Manager, edit the organization permissions. Add the project ID as member with the role: Compute Image User.
  • D. Use the Organization Policy Service to create a compute.trustedimageProjects constraint on the organization level. List the trusted projects as the exceptions in a deny operation.


質問 # 60
A customer needs to launch a 3-tier internal web application on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
The customer’s internal compliance requirements dictate that end-user access may only be allowed if the traffic seems to originate from a specific known good CIDR. The customer accepts the risk that their application will only have SYN flood DDoS protection. They want to use GCP’s native SYN flood protection.
Which product should be used to meet these requirements?

  • A. VPC Firewall Rules
  • B. Cloud Identity and Access Management
  • C. Cloud CDN
  • D. Cloud Armor


https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/identity-security/understanding-google-cloud-armors-new- waf-capabilities

質問 # 61


Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineer資格認証攻略: https://www.pass4test.jp/Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineer.html

さらに、Pass4Test Professional-Cloud-Security-Engineerダンプの一部が現在無料で提供されています:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aQf2_1eShD3IQ-J2r1r2nWFozNaTzeVh

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